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Wreck This Journal: Week 8

A lot of people in this Wreck This Journal book blogging group tackled the burning page early on. Since I waited, it felt almost a little boring so I just kept ignoring that page.

With the help of my husband and stepson, last night I ceremoniously burned the page. We even made another video. I have to give my husband loads of credit for his ideas on how to burn the page as well as his film directorship. I hope you like it.

Happy wrecking!

If you're confused as to what this Wreck This Journal stuff is all about or curious to see what other wrecking has transpired, here are some links to bring you up to speed.


  1. Oh my goodness!! This is fantastic!
    (And you guys are so CUTE!)

    All the best!

  2. I STILL haven't burned my page...I'm afraid that I will get carried away and burn a whole bunch of the book! Great job getting your family involved - your wrecking is awesome. :)

  3. That was great!! I love "But safety first" (hee hee). The flames were beautiful! How wonderful to see the whole family involved. Burnin' Love!

  4. love love the music and darkness with the flame.. what an homage to WRECK THIS JOURNAl.. can I have that cutie Husband?? its so good to see kids and Hubs involved..I have loved this journey

    Your are so vivacious, great video

    B R A V O !!

  5. OMG that was quite cinematic! And hilarious. Love the Chariots of Fire theme song and how cute to have the fam involved. What sweeties!

  6. Nice video!
    Amazing flat your journal!
    Happy wrecking on! :)

  7. It's great to get the family involved isn't it! We are all having so much fun this summer from a simple little book!

  8. That was so much fun! You were awesome!. That was quite a flame too. I though you whole book went up in the dark.
    Happy wrecking see ya next week.

  9. Ooooh...the theme song of Chariots of Fire is just spot on to the buring love. And the flames look beautiful! Great work and cute family! :)

  10. jamieridlerstudiosJuly 24, 2009 at 12:47 AM

    Wow! Absolutely wonderful. I imagine not that many people have home movies like this one :) You're all wreckstars!

  11. That is just wonderful. Wonderful. I love how you got your whole family into it. What a great little skit. ANd the music. Loved it. And the closing credits. Absolutely awesome.

    Now what am I going to do to burn my page... having left it and left it for much the same reason as you did.

  12. Great family video. Chariots of fire! What an inspired choice.
    Great wrecking!

  13. BRAVO!!!!
    Award winning!!!


  14. SWEET!!!!!!!!!
    This is a great post! I burned my page a while ago, but it didn't come out good when I filmed it ....bummer.
    Your's is GREAT!!!!!
    Happy Wrecking!!!!

  15. That was great! I really like you 'running' in the dark and then the page burning and lighting up the room!

  16. Nothing like a wholesome family video -- "don't try this at home kids" kinda comes to mind and then it ends so beautifully. Fabulous, thank you for sharing!!! Your are all WRECKSTARS at your house!!!!! KEEP ON WRECKIN'!!!!

  17. Fun! I don't know how you kept your match lit while moving - I think I breathe too heavy or something because mine would have been out long before I got to the journal. :) A+ video!

  18. Way to carry the torch! Tho I was a little worried about your kitchen cabinets honey! Whew, suspense.

  19. haha! that was great! i loved the safety message too. :-)

  20. ha! this was great! I loved the carrying of the torch scene!

  21. [...] things to unleash my creativity. I took a photography class, I joined a bunch of other bloggers in wrecking a journal, and I took Deb Owen’s Creative Pathways [...]


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