Saying Goodbye to Grandpa

Just when I thought I was fitting back into my day-to-day routine, life threw me another whammy.

My grandpa died last week. It was a complete shock because he hadn't been having any serious health issues. I'm still stunned and finding it hard to believe he is gone.

Grandpa was still really active. He just turned 86, yet he had recently been helping a new neighbor with some home renovations. He had fixed the church organ which hadn't worked in years. The church thought it was a lost cause, but grandpa spent many hours taking it apart and reconstructing it until it played better than ever. He was singing in the church choir and standing at the door to greet the congregation every Sunday. He worked and he gave until the very end.

Last Wednesday he was helping my uncle with a project. He was fine one minute and the next minute he sat down on the garage floor saying he wasn't feeling well. My uncle took him to the hospital right away. From there, he was transferred to another hospital for tests. The next morning he was being helicoptered to a heart hospital for emergency surgery on an aortic aneurism. A few hours after surgery he died.

I'm heartbroken. He was a wonderful, funny, and kind man. He and my grandma just celebrated their 63rd anniversary. That kind of love doesn't happen often, but it happened for them.

I remember visiting them every summer when I was growing up. When I was still in elementary school, I slept in a little side bed in my grandparents room. One visit in particular my grandma snored the whole night and I asked my grandpa the next day how he could sleep with all of that snoring. He said, "Well, I kind of like it. It lets me know grandma is still with us."

Grandpa always had an answer for everything and that one has stuck with me for 25 years now.

I had just taken my husband and stepson to meet my grandparents last summer. I'm so glad that we made that trip. If we hadn't, they never would have seen his big, goofy smile and witness grandpa's love for his family.

My grandpa was a devout baptist. He loved his family and he loved his church. I have no doubts that he made it to those pearly gates.

I miss him.


  1. I'm sorry Sherri. My grandmother's health has been deteriorating and that in and of itself has thrown me for a loop.

    My thoughts are with you right now.

    Big hugs


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