Third Grade Journal (Another Working Mother Wednesday... plus some)

It's amazing what you come across when you're cleaning the house. Like really cleaning. My husband and I found my stepson's journal from third grade. One of those black and white marble composition notebooks with a weekly assignment from the teacher.

Oh the things we learned! For instance, if my stepson were to be a superhero (circa 2005), it wouldn't have been Superman, Batman, or any of the Justice League figures that adorned his bedroom. It wouldn't have been his current favorite, The Incredible Hulk. He would have been a "huge sgure bunny rabbit thing." We think "sgure" translates to "square."

It's a useful thing to be actually. As he explained it, "I could jump relly far. Also I could ram a lot of stuff." So there you have it.

What would he have done with $50,000? Buy Toys R Us. Brilliant!

This third grade version of my stepson didn't just have a good imagination, he also had good sense. See what I mean by reading his fire safety tips over at the Working Mother Mom Blog.

What do your (step)kids have to say? What superhero would they be? What would they do with $50,000? Are they up to speed on fire safety?


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