Happy Post

Happy Book BadgeI am once again partaking in The Next Chapter book blogging group, led by our fearless bloggess, Jamie Ridler. (You may recall our previous Wreck This Journal adventure last summer.)

Life got crazy and I've yet to contribute to the Friday discussions. No more! Today I am joining in the fun.

The book for this new adventure is The Happy Book by Rachel Kempster.

We're playing a bit differently this time around. Rather than everyone having their own copy of the book and going through it at the same time, we are doing a round robin. There are four books making their way from bloggess to bloggess. I am part of the Giggle group. How great is that? We each get to contribute to The Happy Book for a week before sending it on to the next person. In the meantime, Jamie posts updates every Friday and invites us all to share hat is making us happy this week.

So here it goes. Things that are making me happy this week...

  • Being deemed a fairy godmother by the lovely Samantha

  • Girls weekend!  I'm in Virginia right now visiting my best friend (and Samantha!)

  • The universe gave me some valuable reminders about kindness via some wonderful bloggesses

  • Writing!  Lots and lots of writing!  My muse is here and I'm letting her run rampant.

  • A secret project for which I wrote an announcement already to remove some of the fear of moving forward (it's a secret... I'm not telling yet... but I will soon)

  • My cat, Romeo, for his soft cuddliness and unabashed love of the tub faucet

Whether you are part of The Next Chapter or not, join in the fun.  What is making you happy this week?


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