Photography: Cat Drinking from Faucet

With today being a holiday, I am at home again with all of the snow still holding strong outside. It has been a great day to catch up on laundry, straighten up the bookcase, drop off library books, and go to the grocery store. Even better, it's been a great day to play around a little. I did some writing and played with my camera for a bit.

This morning one of our cats, Romeo, was following his usual routine of requesting water from the faucet on the bath tub. I'm not sure what is so exciting about that particular faucet, but Romeo LOVES it.

I've been meaning to photograph him and never got around to it. This morning was the perfect time. The late morning sun was shining through the window above the tub, setting a cheerful mood.

Here are some of my favorite shots:

Cat drinking from faucet

Cat drinking from faucet

Cat sniffing water from faucet

Cat drinking from faucet

Cat snubbing faucet


  1. These are the best pictures. Romeo is so pretty.

  2. Great pictures! I love that pink tongue! Romeo is making me thirsty. You are very good with the camera!

  3. [...] My cat, Romeo, for his soft cuddliness and unabashed love of the tub faucet [...]


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