Weekend of Visioning and Creating Space

I’m feeling pretty good this morning. So far the weekend has unfolded in the way I think I needed it to unfold.

Friday night my husband and stepson buried themselves in a video game, which gave me the opportunity to sit in my comfy corner reading chair and finish Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star and begin Steering by Starlight.

I’m enjoying these books for their novel approach in guiding the reader to hone in on their true selves. Rather than completing exercises to determine your material desires and career achievements, you get to figure out your personal values and envision yourself already having those values to see how your life would look.

That last exercise in particular is one of my favorites this weekend. You set a timer for 10 minutes and sit in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. Then you picture what your life would look like when you had the quality you desire.

On Friday night I envisioned waking up slowly with a fruit smoothie for breakfast (with my hubby) at a quiet kitchen table where I could look outside and see nature. It continued with a walk outside to say good morning to the trees, flowers, breeze, and butterflies. Feeling refreshed from the walk, I returned to the kitchen table with the outdoor view to write, stopping only to stretch periodically, accept a phone call from someone telling me I would be published in a magazine, and finally to make a fresh salad for lunch. By the time I had envisioned the spinach leaves, tomatoes, and apples topped with a light freshly made dressing, my timer was going off.

I couldn’t believe I’d lasted the full 10 minutes without distraction. Furthermore, my vision was detailed enough that it took all 10 minutes to picture just the first half of my day.

Yesterday morning, my husband and stepson headed out first thing for baseball practice. My in-laws were already gone for the day and I found myself in an empty house. I immediately thought of that vision and decided to recreate as much as possible.

I didn’t have fruit, so I had to forego the smoothie in favor of pineapple juice and pecan spinwheels. I sat on the opposite side of the kitchen table from where I normally sit, thereby giving me a view out the sliding glass door to the woods behind our house.

After breakfast, I went for a walk in my yard, thinking about what to plant in my garden this year. I cleared the yard of everything that had blown into it in last weekend’s storm, restoring it to it’s former semi-glory.

It was a delightful way to spend my morning. From there I ended my vision day and went on about my already planned task of decluttering my art cabinet. I haven’t done much artwork in the last few years and I’m feeling the creative bug returning so I wanted to get my studio ready for play.

Not only is my studio ready, I also decluttered my file cabinet, my storage box of old files, and cleared a few boxes out of the garage. All in all, some great spring cleaning.

This morning I caught up on some of my fellow wishcaster’s blogs to spread positive wish energy and now I am writing, beginning with this post.

How is your weekend?


  1. That sounds like a lovely way to spend your day. I visualized my weekend to be full of meditating, reading, and journaling and, so far, it has been (although it has been mostly reading online and I meant to read from the growing stack of books by my comfy chair...but the day is not even half over - I still have time!).


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