Hello Again, Big News, and some Friday Happy

Hello everyone! (If you are in fact still out there and I sure hope you are.) As often happens with me in the summer time, I have taken a hiatus from blogging. Actually I've taken a hiatus from my computer in general. No blogging, twittering, Facebooking. No sirree. I've hardly even checked email.


Why a summer hiatus? So many reasons. First, I love life and summer reminds me of all the wonderful things there are to enjoy about life. It also reminds me to slow down. More relaxing, more fresh air, more time with friends and family.

Second, my long running contract work ended rather abruptly in July. As a web project manager, my entire work day revolved around being tied to my computer. When I suddenly found myself not tethered to it, I felt lighter. I've worked with computers heavily for my entire 10 year career. Stepping away was exactly what I needed to reconnect with myself.

Third (and by no means diminished in this last position), I've been nesting. Why now? I'm so jittery-teary-eyed-excited to share with you for the first time online that a little one is on the way! That's right. My belly is growing and so is the love in my heart for the tiny little addition that will greet us near the end of January. It's been a tougher journey to get here than I would prefer, but my husband, my stepson, and I are ecstatic and thankful.

Happy Book BadgeNow, let us remember that it is Friday and Jamie has challenged her Next Chapter book group to share their happy on Fridays while copies of The Happy Book make their way around the book groups. I think I've already done that above. I have so much to be happy about.

This week Jamie is shaking up the challenge and is now inviting everyone to get their own copy of The Happy Book to share in a new happy activity each week. I've reserved my copy and will be headed to the book store shortly to pick it up. Will you join the fun?

The first activity Jamie selected from the book is to choose your mascot, carry it with you wherever you go, and take pictures of it along the way. It just so happens that last Christmas I bought a four-pack of little Christmas ornament dolls and gave one to each of my best friends (see below photo, my doll is the one in the turquoise dress).

[caption id="attachment_1337" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Mascot dolls for me and my girlfriends"][/caption]

I then set up a private blog where we could each take pictures of our doll as a fun way to share our lives. The last post to that blog was in April, so this feels like the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate the adventure. I'll be putting my doll in my purse today to get her back out in this wide, wonderful world.

What about you? What have you been up to this summer? What is making you happy this week? What mascot will you carry?


  1. What wonderful news you're sharing. I look forward to visiting people's blogs in the reinvigorated happy book circle. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Oh my - you really DO have a lot to be Happy about! I completely understand the computer tether - I've been working in technology related jobs for the last 20 years and am not entirely sure what I'd do with myself if I untethered for a whole summer. Sure would like to find out though! Blessings for your chapter and thanks for visiting dragonfly!

  3. Congratulations--what wonderful news! Your being unplugged most of the summer sounds wonderful....I'm trying to take breaks and not be on-line so much, but I do love to check in with my blogging friends. I'll be looking for you and your mascot around these parts. Happy weekend!

  4. Congratulations, Sherry and thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us. I know you must be so happy. I love your mascot dolls. What a wonderful idea for you and your friends. I look forward to seeing where your doll goes this week! Have a great week full of sunshine and smiles..

  5. Congratulations! I also took a 2 month hiatus from the online world ~ and am coming back to it with a clearer focus and hopefully, will contribute more significance as a result. Thank you also for letting me know what the first week's assignment will be ~ my laptop was unable to play the video - so I was going to check tomorrow on my pc. Not sure what Mascot I'll choose, it will be fun thinking about it throughout the evening though.

    I loved being pregnant. Through the all of it. I wish you many blessings ...

  6. [...] I chose to use my doll from a set of four doll Christmas ornaments I gave to my closest friends last Christmas. Unfortunately I didn’t do too much photographing of her last week, but I did manage to take a couple of photos. [...]


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