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Best Friends

I have several best friends. I suppose that's a contradiction simply because we are told there can only be one "best." Tough! I'm not willing to cut any of my best friends from the "BFF" list. These particular friends come from different eras of my life - middle school, high school, college, jobs - but they all have some common traits. They are funny. They are smart. They are amazingly supportive of everything I do, big or small. They love to laugh. They read my War and Peace length emails and respond point by point. They share their triumphs, their failures, and the funny thing that happened on their way home from work. I don't know what I would do without these wonderful women in my life. This morning as I sit in a quiet house while everyone is still asleep (yes, this is a rare time of day for me to be active), I am reading some of my favorite bloggers. Christine Kane has written a post that beautifully captures the best friend relationship

Wishcasting: Fly Free

It's late as I write this. Before heading to bed though, I wanted write what I've been musing over with today's Wishcasting Wednesday question. Jamie asks "What do you wish to fly free from?" Constraints. My own preconceived notions. The fear they instill that prevents me from trying something new. Why do I talk myself out of things? I'll be excited about something then overthink it to death until it's something that I can't do, shouldn't do, or aren't capable of doing. And then I wonder why I find myself in the same place all the time. Who says I can't, shouldn't, or aren't capable? Sadly, the answer is usually me. Not today. Today I'm moving forward with something I've been thinking about. I'm selling the beautiful, functional, so-perfect-for-organizing products at Thirty-One . It's direct sales, a concept that frightens me to no end. It sounds so icky and my inner gremlins question what business I hav

Best Gremlin Snub Ever

Don't ask questions. Don't argue. Just go read this short and sweet post at where Brandi tells off her gremlins . Go. You won't regret it.

Embracing Rain and Myself

For the past nine weeks I haven’t been working. My contract ended and I didn’t take on any new work because I wanted to spend the last few weeks of summer with my stepson. Also, I have a baby on the way so let’s face it, seeking full-time employment seems kind of difficult when in a few more months I plan to stay at home anyway. Facing a period of unemployment I envisioned all the grand things that would fill my days: adventures, writing, yoga ( read more about that in my post at ). Now I’ve realized that nine weeks have passed and I haven’t done much of any of those things. It just dawned on me that it was raining outside and I was missing it. I love the rain. Okay, a lot of people I’ve come across don’t necessarily understand that, but it’s true. I love how peaceful the world becomes in the rain. I love how clean everything looks as dirt is washed away. There is something about the rain that makes the world smaller and cozier to me. We haven’t had much rain