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With Thanksgiving just behind us and Christmas coming quickly, I've been thinking about the things I'm thankful for. Sure we all think about those things on Thanksgiving, but how often do we take time to acknowledge the good stuff on a regular day? Off and on in the last few years I've written daily gratitudes in my journal- just listing a few things that I was thankful for each day. It helps me focus on the good instead of dwelling on the hard. It's a practice I've fallen out of lately and it feels like it's time to bring it back. As I blog here, you may see me add a "Thankful" section in my posts to encourage me to give thanks for blessings big and small. To kick things off, today I am thankful for the "love ya's" and "miss you's" and "love and friendship" that my friends use to close their email messages. I am thankful for the kicks and movements and wiggles that my baby does which let me know he's okay

Redecorating, Big and Small

When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do was rearrange my room. Every time I got bored with status quo, I'd move my furniture around to give the same old stuff a fresh look. That hasn't stopped. My husband and I usually complete one or two projects per year around the house. Earlier this year we redid our family room by pulling up carpet, laying hardwood, and swapping our living room couch for the leather sectional that was in our basement. This summer my husband decided he wanted to try growing grapes, which turned into his desire for an arbor for them to grow on. Thanks to his "go big or go home" philosophy he built a huge (as in HUGE- like the size of a large room) arbor in our backyard complete with solar light caps on the top. With the baby due in just two short months, we're trying to plan the nursery despite the fact that my in-laws still occupy that room. Hopefully they'll be moving on soon, but in the meantime we have a crib in th

Photo Shoot Fun

When it comes to photography, often my favorite shots are the unexpected ones that present themselves when you're not expecting it. Yesterday I decided to photograph my Thirty-One bags to share with people who are geographically distant from me as I launch this new business . I had some time and the sun was casting a bright glow in my home office, so I found a cream colored sheet and make-shifted a photo studio. I played around with various items and groupings and soon I was on a roll getting nice shots like these... [caption id="attachment_1421" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cinch Sac"] [/caption] [caption id="attachment_1422" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Demi Purse and Silk Scarf"] [/caption] Not too shabby. So off I went photographing different bags, blankets, purses, and totes and then this happened... [caption id="attachment_1423" align="aligncenter" wi

Wishcasting: Enjoy

In today's Wishcasting Wednesday question, Jamie asks "What do you wish to enjoy?" I wish to enjoy life. To find the joy in any given moment. To enjoy time spent with my family and friends. To notice the beauty in my surroundings. To take pride in what I am doing, even if today I am doing laundry. Life is not just the spectacular moments or the tragic moments, rather it is all moments. I wish to enjoy life's moments, big and small.