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Word of the Year: 2010 Recap

For the past couple of years, I have chosen a word for the year. Where a lot of people make resolutions and often drop them before the end of January, a word brings about a different kind of awareness. I learned of the idea from Christine Kane ’s blog. The idea is to bring more awareness into your life about how you are living and how you want to grow. Rather than say "I will exercise more" and then beat yourself up for not doing that, you choose a word that embodies whatever it is you want more of in the coming year. It could be anything: ease, creativity, self-love, laughter, or clarity, for example. Then throughout the year you hold onto your word and, hopefully, realize that over time you are seeing a shift in your life. In 2009, I chose the word "focus" to help myself break some nervous habits and to teach myself to devote my attention to the task at hand and not get distracted. As that year came to a close, I started mulling over new words for 2010 and

Reflecting on 2010

The year is drawing to a close very quickly, so I thought I'd look back and acknowledge what I was most thankful for in 2010. Check out my list at , then come back here and let me know what you are grateful for in 2010.

Wishcasting: New Year

It's Wishcasting Wednesday so the gorgeous soul Jamie Ridler is inviting us to cast our wishes into the universe and support others' wishes. Today Jamie asks , "What is your wish for the New Year?" I've been choosing my Word of the Year for 2011 which I will explain in more detail in coming days, so today's question is relatively easy for me to answer. I wish for happiness in the new year. Lots and lots of happiness for me, my family, and you as well. May you find joy and love in unexpected places. What is your wish for the new year?

Time for a Big Girl URL

It's time to try something new. I've been blogging for nearly four years now. It started with a little Blogger blog called Life After Web. Then I added a Wordpress blog called On a Lighter Note. Then I decided two blogs were too much, so I combined the two into the Wordpress location and retitled it Life After Web. Two or three years ago I bought the URL Since then I've used it as a playground to try out a little web code here and there and for the past year it has been sitting there as some sort of odd landing page with no real purpose. I never bothered to move my blog there because wouldn't let me redirect my old URL and I was afraid that you, my wonderful friends and readers, might think I got lost. If all goes well, a redirect is now possible and working. Life is changing a lot for me these days. That being said, it's time to make some changes to my blogging as well, so I am finally putting to good use the URL I purchased s

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve, which to me brings one of the most magical nights of the year. Friends, feasting, and a reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas are on our agenda this evening. I hope that this day brings you magic as well. In the words of SheDaisy in one of their Christmas songs, "the secret of Christmas is not the things you do at Christmas time, but the Christmas things you do all year through." I wish for us all to remember that now and in the coming year. May your holiday be warm, merry, and bright.

Wishcasting: Winter Wish

Wishcasting It's Wishcasting Wednesday so the gorgeous soul Jamie Ridler is inviting us to cast our wishes and support others' wishes. Today Jamie asks , "What is your winter wish?" This one didn't take me long actually. With my baby son due near the end of January, I wish for a smooth final month of pregnancy, an easy delivery, and a graceful entrance to motherhood. I wish to embrace our new addition, to continue to support and be supported by my husband and stepson, and to ensure I remember to make time for myself. What is your winter wish? Thankful While wishing it also seems appropriate to take a minute to reflect on what I am thankful for. Today I am thankful for the cheerfulness of Christmas decorations. For lights and trees and stockings and garland and wreaths. I am thankful for the time I will get to spend with my husband and stepson in the coming week and I am thankful to be fortunate enough to have my current big decision be what we will eat on

Experiment: Will Anyone Get Up for a Pregnant Woman?

I was at the mall this weekend finishing up a little Christmas shopping. My husband and stepson were there also and we split up for a bit because my stepson wanted to shop for me. (So sweet and thoughtful!) We made arrangements to meet up in front of a particular store an hour later, which worked out nicely because there was a row of three couches there. I got to our meeting spot about 10 minutes early, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to rest my feet. After all, I'm now eight months into this pregnancy and carrying around much more weight than I'm used to. When I got there, however, all of the seats were full. Now I'm not the type to ask people to get up and I was content to stand while I waited, but I also thought it would be a good opportunity to run a little experiment to see if anyone would offer up a seat to the pregnant woman. I positioned myself at the end of the row where most everyone sitting would be able to see me and I set my bags on the ground.

Small Wins and Yummy Treats

I just made Rice Krispy treats for the first time ever. Seriously. It's probably one of the most cliche desserts and the commercials always spoke of how easy it is to make them. So why have I never made them? I was afraid of working with gooey sticky melty marshmallows. I couldn't envision that going well. And yet today, I felt compelled to brave the Rice Krispy treat. I survived melting marshmallows, survived pressing sticky treats into a pan, and they are now cooling in the refrigerator. Hopefully they'll be delicious. I'm still scared to cut them. Haha! What silly little fear can you tackle this weekend?

Pause Before Reacting

I've been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, which follows her journey through a year of trying various happiness resolutions. The biggest lesson I'm getting from the book isn't necessarily her particular resolutions, rather it is to stop and think before reacting in a situation. Throughout the book Gretchen gives some examples of irritating moments in daily family life.Like when her kids are bickering or when she or her husband are in a bad mood. You know those times. What I've found intriguing is that due to her happiness project, she was sometimes able to pause in that moment before reacting to look at things from a different point of view, then react more creatively. It's easy to yell or join the bickering or get defensive or say something resolutely to the moody party like, "then just fix it." In her moments of pause, however, Gretchen had the presence of mind to realize how she would normally react and realize that such a reaction

Firefox Cam

Get ready for some serious cuteness. The folks at Mozilla are promoting their Firefox web browser with a live feed of firefox cubs . You can watch the cubs play on the jungle gym, enter a contest to name the cubs, and help them earn a new special treat (currently grass flats) by downloading the browser. The site itself is beautiful and watching baby animals play is always uplifting. What better way to cozy up a crisp, cold Friday?

Thankful to be Healthy Again

You know how after you've been sick, there is one day that you realize you are better? Of course it can be a slow process so you may have a few days where you progressively feel a little better than the day before. But there is one day that you realize you are buzzing around with normal energy and it dawns on you that you feel great. Not just great, but the kind of huge great you can only feel after being sick. You know what I mean? Today is that day. I'll spare you the details, but Monday I woke up nauseous, had a really rough 24 hours, then Tuesday started to recover. Wednesday I was really tired and had no energy whatsoever. Even just walking a few steps left me winded. Today, however, I'm back. I just realized it. I woke up at 7:00 and have been steadily getting things done all morning. I even hauled my Christmas packages to the post office and went on a grocery run. While carrying the groceries in to the house, I realized I'm better. Hallelujah. These a

Put the Cell Phone Down

I'm a big fan of the Rose is Rose comic strip. I particularly liked last Sunday's edition. What a poignant reminder to put the technology down and really pay attention to what is around us.

What Ellen Does for Happiness

With the blogging break I took for much of the Fall, I've missed a bunch of Happy Book Fridays. Not this week! Jamie led The Happy Book group to page 96 to an exercise called "What would Joan Jett do?" The book asks us to think about who our idol is and what we imagine that person does to be happy. I chose Ellen DeGeneres whom I've adored from her early stand-up days, through her TV show and movies, and now to her talk show. She seems happier now than ever, so I think she's a great choice for this exercise. To be happy, I think Ellen DeGeneres would... dance laugh give a gift tell a joke surprise/scare people with silly pranks play a game spend time with her wife, Portia invite friends over for dinner listen to music I'm going to see if I can put some of these into practice in my life and pay attention to how my own happiness is affected. Thankful In keeping with my daily gratitude practice, today I am thankful for a calm day- free of wind and obligations


Yesterday while supporting others wishes, I came across this post at Dashboard Hula by Shari Sherman . There were so many things about this post that resonated with me. First, her name is Shari. No matter the spelling, I'm always excited to find kindred Sherri's out there. I love my name. It has always felt magical, though I can't pinpoint exactly why. Moreso though, was her mermaid artwork ( click through to her post to see it ). She created a beautiful mermaid with lots of green and hints of pink (my two favorite colors) and adorned her with the message "Let your light shine." Perfect. Just perfect! I've been working on letting my light shine. I decided to make my theme word "shine" earlier this year as a reminder to be myself. Not to try to emulate anyone else, but just to let the real me shine for the world to see. I even got myself a purse and emblazoned it with the word "shine" to keep the message fresh in my mind. (Yes, i

Wishcasting: Go Slow

Wishcasting It's Wishcasting Wednesday again where Jamie Ridler invites us to cast our wishes and support others' wishes. Today Jamie asks , "Where do you wish to go slow?" This question stumped me. Go slow? I have a baby due in 8 weeks, in-laws still living in what is supposed to be the baby's room, baby supply shopping to do, Christmas shopping to finish, gifts to ship across states, and Christmas decorations to put up. Meanwhile I'm getting bigger, slower, and less flexible by the day. Aaaaah! So that is exactly where I wish to go slow. I know that my in-laws have a couple prospects for moving (this part I hope goes fast), so I am trying to trust that this will happen and the baby's room will soon be vacant for us to clean, paint, assemble furniture, and prepare for our baby's arrival. My husband hopes we can do that during the week between Christmas and New Year's. I wish to slow down and enjoy the process of the holidays. I love decor