Don't Drop the Baby

That's my biggest fear right now. In these last few weeks of pregnancy I'm plagued by serious un-coordination. I drop everything. Then I think about how badly I need it back again because it's hard to get down to the floor and back again. And sometimes even if I make the effort to pick it up, I drop whatever it was again as soon as I'm upright.

And I'm supposed to carry a baby in a few weeks. Thanks a lot universe.

Anyhow, I wrote about this and other baby preparations over at today. Check it out. If you've been there, let me know how you got through the last month of pregnancy to post-delivery transition. Any stories about how your coordination came back instantly would be extremely reassuring!


  1. When it comes to your baby, your internal mother instincts kick in. The ones you don't know you have until that little tiny one is there in your arms needing you. Trust me, you will hold on to him so tight there will be no fear of dropping him. As far as the transition to post-delivery? Don't expect to get out of your maternity clothes right away - maybe a week or two as you slim down. Most important - sleep when the baby sleeps. Dust bunnies and laundry will wait or one the boys can help out! :-)


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