Happiness Desktop

Last Friday my mind was buzzing with words like harmony, peace, grace, and resolution which I wrote about here. Combined with my word of the year (happiness) and another word that is always present with me (light), I was feeling really good about possibilities and life in general.

I'm probably not explaining it well, but these words were comforting to me and I wanted to keep them in the forefront of my mind. I decided a great way to do that would be to create an image to use for my computer background that captured all of these inspiring words. I am by no means a graphic designer, but armed with a free graphics program I chose a color I liked, some fun fonts, and created the image at the beginning of this post.

Now every time I sit at my computer, I have a cheerful reminder about the feelings I want to cultivate for myself and my family. It's all part of renewing my space in order to renew my energy. (Read yesterday's wishcasting post for more on that.)


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