Past Due

This photo is me today.  I just took it a few minutes ago.

I've been a little quiet here for the past week while anxiously preparing for our little one's arrival.  It seems, however, he has decided to sleep in.  Maybe he's decided it's warmer where he is than out here in the cold winter world.  I can't blame him there.

And so we wait.

My first due date (January 26) and revised due date (January 30) have both come and gone.  After months of thinking we would likely have a January baby, now we will be having a February baby and I'm pretty darn excited about that.

February is love and amethyst and violets.  February was named for the Latin word februum, meaning purification.  February celebrates the birthdays of my dad and two of my uncles.  Glorious!

For now, though, I'm uncomfortable.  I'm ready to have this baby.  I'm not prepared to go to my stepson's basketball game tonight and sit on the bleachers where everyone will roll their eyes and say, "Why are you still here?" as they've already done for the past month.  Believe me, I'm trying, people!

The baby and God will decide when it's time.  Until then I'll do my best to be patient.


  1. You look wonderful. Hang in there. He'll come out When he's ready.


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