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Thankful for Smooth Travel

It is another beautiful Friday (barely... It's almost midnight now) and I am giving thanks for this week's happiness.  This week was all about last minute travel. On Sunday we booked a family vacation departing today. That gave us exactly four days to get all the laundry done and figure out how to fly with a baby. A message to my new mommy friends resulted in lots of helpful tips. Thank you, mommies! I was making good progress all week and was actually pretty relaxed yesterday morning about what I had left to do. That is, until a phone call necessitated a change in plans for the first half of the trip.  So yesterday afternoon I got online and made phone calls to cancel one hotel in a city we no longer needed to visit and book a new hotel.  Canceling the first hotel was going to leave us with a charge for the first night's stay, but the gentleman at Expedia called the hotel, explained the situation, and got the fee waived. Thank you, Expedia guy.  The hotel we had booked fo

Country Music Festival

Did you watch the CMA Festival last night? Ok, maybe not everyone likes country music as much as I do, but I was glued to the program, particularly because this year I was there. From CMA Festival 2011 For Christmas last year as I waddled toward my last month of pregnancy, my husband presented me with tickets to the CMA Festival in June. By then, he said, I might want a break from new motherhood to do something "me." What a sweety. So in June we left the baby and my teenage stepson with my in-laws and flew to Nashville for four days of country concerts. The few main blocks of downtown Nashville were shut down. Everywhere corner we rounded revealed a new stage, each with a full lineup every day. It was at these stages where we watched Mark Wills, Bo Bice, Wade Hayes, and one of my favorites, Carolyn Dawn Johnson. It is also where we fell in love with a new group called Eden's Edge. One of the stages was at the riverfront where our pass let us use the photo line to

Slow Down and Notice

It's the weekend and these days it seems like the weekends can be just as harried as the rest of the week. There are errands to run, chores to do, and people to visit. Don't let these precious days slip away. Slow down and take time to look at the many gifts around you. My husband spotted this tiny baby bird while mowing the lawn. Even a dull chore can be exciting if you are mindful of the beauty around you. Enjoy your weekend!


Happy Friday! With the week drawing to a close, it is a great time to reflect on the things I am thankful for. I am thankful for my friends, new and old, and for the time I am getting to spend with many of them this week. I am thankful the summer heat was a bit milder this week. 10 degrees is a big difference. I am thankful to have had time to blog. Three posts in one week? I don't think I've even done three in one month since having the baby. I am thankful for ripe, local produce. I am thankful for the library. What are you thankful for this week?

Stripping (not in the dancer way)

I am on a mission. It isn't anything covert and worldly like recovering intelligence from a foreign agent. It is a mission to reveal the new me, the now me. Let me paint a picture of where I've been lately. I'm married with a teenage stepson and a 6 month old baby. My house is in disarray despite my efforts to keep things organized. I had nearly given up reading and writing, two activities I enjoyed immensely pre-baby. Dinners were becoming whatever I could scrounge together and cook one handed with a sleepy-but-avoiding-sleep-baby at 9:00 p.m. after the guys returned from baseball. My dining room is a junkyard of haphazardly strewn items and home decor that we don't need anymore. I've been making a conscious effort to change all that. Too much time and energy is wasted. Our house is feeling like a house rather than a home. My husband also feels the stress our home produces. Rather than feeling a sense of relief when he comes home after work, he too feels

Wishcasting: Inspiration

It's Wishcasting Wednesday so the gorgeous soul Jamie Ridler is inviting us to cast our wishes into the universe. Today Jamie asks , "What inspiration do you wish to follow?" As usual, Jamie somehow touched on what I've been thinking about lately. The dreamboard I recently created included the phrase "inspiration for positive change." I wish to follow the inspiration of simplicity. I have always loved keeping things simple, but now with a growing family, life and our home feel messy, full, and unnecessarily complicated. In my single days it was easy to keep things simple. With a family, it's not just me bringing things in the house. It's not just my schedule to follow. For the past month I have been meeting with a simple living group where we have had wonderful discussions about time, money, what it means to live simply, and what we can do in our current home and community life. It has been wonderful to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and