Bring on the Wonder

What if adults kept their sense of wonder from childhood?  What if we could add a little magic to our day right now, right we where are?  I'm giving it a try.

Welcome to Live Wonderstruck, a project I’ve been quietly working on since mid-winter. Launching now in spring, the day after my birthday, feels magical.

Last week as I prepared to launch this site, I realized that in all of the writing I’ve done so far, I’d yet to write the first post, the beginning. And even now, I’m humbled (ok, scared) that the right words feel out of grasp. Sometimes the things that are closest to our hearts are the hardest to express to others.

Here’s what you should know. This blog isn’t about me. It isn’t a chronicle of my life. It isn’t me-as-expert teaching you-as-student.

It’s about us. All of us. It’s about the shift in consciousness, or lack thereof, I see everywhere I go in others and in myself.

We’re distracted. We’re rushed. We’re so busy moving from one scheduled task to another, scrambling to check off a much too long to do list, all while checking our smart phones to see what we’re missing. Yet, really what we are missing is the point.

I’m as guilty as anyone else in this. It hit me one day as I looked at my iPhone wondering what I could do next since I’d already checked my email, caught up on Pinterest, and stopped by Facebook. I set my phone down with a shrug.

Meanwhile my one-year-old stood next to me, face lit up, swaying to Brad Paisley’s song “Old Alabama.” I had caught my son in a moment of pure joy. He looked at me with wide eyes and mouth agape as if to say, “Can you believe this song just came on? How wonderful! Let’s dance!” (Okay, that language is way too stuffy for a little boy, but you get the point.)

A few minutes later he bumbled his way over to a plastic cookie jar and marveled over how he could put the plastic cookies in the jar and take them out, and put them in, and take them out.

He was wonderstruck. At everything.

That’s how this project came to be. Because I need a reminder to be present so I, too, can be wonderstruck by what is around me. I’m betting I’m not the only one who could use a nudge.

You, too?

That’s why we’re here. With this site, my goal is to encourage all of us to live consciously, to see and seek wonder right where we are, to find the extraordinary in our ordinary daily encounters.

We are not robots. We are not computers. We do not need to live on autopilot. We simply need to live. What better way to do that than with a goal to Live Wonderstruck.

It won’t be an overnight shift. It will be an ongoing journey. This site is your place to find inspiration.

To start, I will be posting here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I will share what I learn as I endeavor to live wonderstruck. In addition, some amazing souls have also graciously agreed to share their stories through interviews, which I will post weekly. Other people’s stories help us see things from a different perspective and perhaps give us something new to apply in our own lives.

Like I said, this isn’t about me. I want to hear from you, too. Please share your stories, your tips for staying grounded, your challenges, your questions, your sources of inspiration. You can do so in the comments, on my Facebook page, on Twitter with hashtag #LiveWonderstruck, or email them to me at smhutchinswriter at gmail dot com. I look forward to our conversations.

For today, I’ll end with this question: What distracts you from living wonderstruck?

Blessings to you for a wonderstruck day.  See you in the comments.


  1. What an amazing idea, Sherri! I love it already!

  2. PS: I even love your happy, calming logo at the top of your page!

  3. What an awesome concept. I love this. Oh, another way to stay grounded in the moment is to watch a dog. These loving creatures are in the moment, every moment.

  4. I'm easily distracted but have put a real effort into trying to slow down and appreciate life (see my recent post called The Still Life Project: An Introduction). I look forward to seeing where you go with this. Congratulations on your first post on this blog.

  5. Elaine SmothersMay 7, 2012 at 3:56 PM

    We all could use more wonder in our lives. Such a simple concept that's so difficult to put into practice. I look forward to many wonderstruck moments spent here. :)

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