Colors of Spring

pink Gerber daisy
Did you catch any wonderstruck moments this week?  I did.

A lot of mine centered around vibrant colors outdoors.  From the blue jay that landed on my deck railing every day to the bright orange mohawk stripe on a woodpecker.  From the deep green taking over the forest behind my house to the saturated pink of a daisy.

Seriously, look at that daisy. I don't think I've ever seen such a rich, unblemished, solidly pink bloom.

Nature is one of my favorite places to look for small wonders.  If I am truly noticing my surroundings, I can usually find at least one thing worthy of awe.

Spring delivers all sorts of beauty to awake us from the dullness of winter: blue skies, flowers in bloom, plentiful green, fresh produce, warm sunshine, and cleansing rain. And like I said, this week it was color.  

Gorgeous colors turned up everywhere, even in the sangria I served for mom's book club.  (As in my book club with other moms, not my mom's book club.  You know...)

In fact, I was also wonderstruck by the turnout for book club. It was my month to host and I live a bit out of the way compared to the other moms in the group, yet it was the biggest turnout I've seen. (Thank you, mamas!)

Getting together with these amazing women to laugh, share, talk about mom stuff, and discuss books? It's one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. I come out replenished.

What about you? Where did you find wonder this week?

Share your wonderstruck moments in the comments, on my Facebook page, or on Twitter with hashtag #LiveWonderstruck.


  1. Love your blog! Lovely post, too. A good reminder to notice the amazing things going on around us.

  2. During an ordinary hectic morning this week we opened the garage door and loaded up the car with backpacks and such. Several minutes later when hubby was ready to leave he opened the door and we discovered a cardinal trapped in the garage. It was a brilliant crimson color with jet black details. We watched him try several times to fly towards the open door and turn back to our clutter stacked on the shelves to reformat his escape. Such a beautiful rare part of nature brought a little bit of wonderstruck amazement to us and our kids on a typical stressful morning.


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