Hula Hoop Girl

On Fridays I like to look back at what has held me wonderstruck during the week. This week it is hula hooping. Weird, I know.

In the past few months I've stumbled across a number of hula hoop dance videos. Did you know you could dance with a hula hoop? I did not. So, I've been mesmerized, wonderstruck even, by videos of women dancing gracefully and joyfully with what I thought was just an annoyingly difficult kid toy.

Take, for example, this woman... (then keep reading because there's more after the video)

Now I want to learn how to dance with a hula hoop. It looks like a really fun way to exercise, blow off steam, or just get creative. So when my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday earlier this month, I gave him a link to a "professional" hula hoop for beginning dancers, because apparently you aren't supposed to try this with a small kiddie version from a big box store.

Because I have an amazing husband, my stepson presented me with a card on my birthday that said he ordered me a hula hoop for my birthday and it was on its way. Incidentally, after ordering the hoop, they got an email thanking them for their order and letting them know it would take three weeks to get it out (that's before shipping).

We all wondered how a hula hoop gets shipped. I was picturing a large square box about one inch thick with the hoop slid snugly inside.

What I saw on my doorstep earlier this week was this:

hula hoop as shipped

Not very subtle, is it? I texted the picture to my husband who said, "What makes you think it's a hula hoop?"

I couldn't tear into it just then. I wanted to wait and let my husband see the painstakingly wrapped hoop.

Now, I should probably mention that while I danced for a few short years in high school and college, I think I've only hula hooped maybe twice in my entire life. And not well. What makes me think I can do anything nearly as impressive as the girl in the video is beyond me.

Still it seems amazingly fun to try and there's really nothing to lose.

So when my husband came home from work that day, I beamed as I showed him the package that potentially was, though we can't say for sure until we open it, a hula hoop. I was giddy. My husband looked at me jumping up and down and said, "you want to try it while it's still wrapped up, don't you?"

Well, really, wouldn't you?

Gliding the alleged hoop over my head and around my waist, I paused, realizing I have never successfully hula hooped. This is awkward.

Right there in my living room, I gave it a spin and moved my midsection in a front-back motion just like a woman showed in another video I had seen. Front, back, front, back, front, back. The hoop was spinning! It stayed around my waist just like it was supposed to. Victory!

"You're concentrating really hard, aren't you?" my husband said.

"Yeah, why?" I replied (while keeping the hoop spinning, thank you very much).

"Because your tongue is sticking out." He knows me so well. Well enough to know that when I concentrate I stick my tongue out. It looks very smart, I'm sure.

Anyhow, we unwrapped the paper and tape that spiraled all the way around. And wouldn't you know it, we uncovered a hula hoop. Shocking!

Now I'll have to watch a few how-to videos to see what kind of trouble I can get into. And to encourage frequent use, I've left my beautiful hoop leaning against my desk where I can see it and snatch it up easily.

If nothing else, I imagine smiling and laughing a lot while playing with my new toy. There's certainly something wonderstruck in that.

What were you wonderstruck by this week? Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page.

Wishing you a wonderstruck weekend!


  1. Awesome! I am SO IMPRESSED that you ordered a professional hoop! I love hula hoops, though I am TERRIBLE at keeping them around my waist. You may have motivated me to get one though...hula hooping is way more fun than doing crunches, after all! :)

  2. I've never been able to successfully operate a hula hoop myself, but it looks like a fun thing to try. Mixing it with dance is a logical step, and suggests other possibilities. Surely there must be hula hoop martial artists out there?

    Have fun with your new toy :)

  3. Actually, there are quite a few Hula professionals out there.
    I have a friend that does Hoop-Lah Fun & Fitness - she teaches Hoola Hooping classes. Some of them even on the beach! Could you imagine trying to keep that thing around your waist while sinking in the sand? Yeah. I haven't been brave enough to try it yet. But I can testify that my friend looks GREAT! And she can do all sorts of tricks with her hoops too! I think I too might have to try it in my own home first before I go out in public. ;)

    Enjoy your hooping!

  4. I love, love, love hooping! has some great instructional videos, and, of course, you can always find tons on youtube. I've taken classes at my local circus school and fitness/dance studio. It's so fun!

  5. Ooh! Thanks for the link. I will definitely check that out. I need to learn how to do something other than spin the hoop around my waist. That will get boring soon.

  6. I'm definitely not ready for a beach! I'll need more practice before that kind of additional difficulty, not to mention exposure. Haha!

  7. I like your line of thinking. I say if you can't find a hula hoop martial artist (and really, there must be someone), start it up yourself. I'll watch for the Mike Schulenberg Martial Hooping classes to begin.

  8. I found my hoop here... It was that first cheapest Power model. I think it will definitely get my midsection in shape if I use it regularly because it's weighted. Who knew?

  9. Now I want a hula hoop! It's very good for your abs and core strength :-)

  10. Love the hoop! And your detective skills are tip top ;)

    I bought a weighted hula hoop about a year or so ago from Canyon Hoops and it's a lot of fun. Sometimes when the kids are running around outside, I'll be standing there hooping. I'm pretty sure I look brilliant to the neighbors while I'm waving my hands in the air like I just don't care!
    Caution, though, I over did it at first and got some tenderness that felt like bruising around my middle.

    Have fun!

  11. Fun, fun, fun. But I guess you have to be a bit coordinated...and that leaves me out! Have fun yourself, though.


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