Umpire and bat boy

Moment (noun):

  1. A brief, unspecified amount of time.

  2. The smallest portion of time; an instant.

Our lives are made up of moments. Lots of them. Good, bad, indifferent.

Sometimes we notice them, feeling their full weight, recognizing that this moment is special. That this moment, right here, is one we will remember. Sometimes we don’t notice or remember them at all.

Sometimes a moment that seemed insignificant at the time, is one that returns with more importance later, in hindsight, like that moment when my husband asked me to distract his son by the Christmas tree while he went upstairs to search for a “missing present.” I might not remember that moment at all four years later except that it was all a ruse to surprise me with a proposal.

Then there are littler moments that we get to relive when we see them in pictures, like that time when I was a little girl and I got to wear a long nightgown, the length of which made me feel “like a bride like Aunt Sue!”

A week ago my stepson’s baseball team got to play a game in the Trenton Thunder stadium. They played on “a real field,” used the dugouts, and listened as their names were announced loud enough for the surrounding town to hear. They loved it (of course).

I brought the good camera so I could get pictures of the boys in action. When I went through the pictures the next day, I saw lots of moments that I hadn’t necessarily noticed at the time.

Sure, I snapped photos of each kid coming out of the dugout, each kid at bat, a few plays in the field, but my favorite photos weren’t about the action at all.

There was the moment the catcher had taken off his mask between plays and looked thoughtfully at the approaching batter.

The moment when a runner was making his way back to the dugout after crossing home plate.

The moment when a bat boy (a player’s little brother) returned a ball to the umpire. This, in fact, was my favorite photo of the day. The moment when a little boy probably felt important doing that job and an umpire took a few seconds to acknowledge that boy’s assistance.

What a precious moment.

Tami Clayton wrote a post last week about “That Moment” of inspiration, like...

That moment when someone says to you the very thing you needed to hear but didn’t know you needed to hear it.

(Side note to Tami: Thank you so much for naming this blog as part of your inspiration.)

I challenge you this week to notice one of those moments. A moment, big or small, that makes you feel something. Then write it down or take a picture so you can revisit that moment whenever you want. Share them here in the comments or on my Facebook page if you would like.

Wishing you a wonderstruck week.


  1. As always, a lovely post. :) I love the moment you chose to capture with your camera. Beautiful. A new recent moment for me was sitting in the shade of the big maple tree while reading a book in the middle of a sunny afternoon. What made it notable for me is the fact I was sitting still in the middle of the day. A rare thing for me.


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