Warm Sunshine All Around

I have this friend, Marla, who I have seen since I was a little girl. She reads this blog, so you may have noticed her name in the comments.

She was my next door neighbor for almost 20 years when I was growing up. Upon moving in, she and my parents became friends. I babysat her kids a few times (both of whom are in their 30s now).

Our families used to go out for pizza together and it always turned into a laughing, singing, dancing good time which had other patrons wishing they were at our table and had my mother turning beet red probably wishing she were at theirs.

Marla has an infectious laugh. In fact, I can't think of a time I've ever seen her without a smile. She takes the good and the bad in stride, never letting it affect how she treats other people.

She has changed careers a few times, when she was ready to try something new. She doesn't let fear stop her.

She learned to play the drums at age 50. (This is where we should realize that now is the perfect time to study whatever it is we thought it was too late to learn.)

I strive to live like Marla.

Why do I mention her here today? Because she has just started blogging. I am so excited! You can find her at warmsunshineblog.wordpress.com.

Yes, Warm Sunshine Blog. Isn't that inviting? If that doesn't get you, maybe her tagline will: "Warming your soul with inspiration, a positive outlook, and encouraging healthy self esteem."

She's off to a great start with posts about mediocrity and perspective. I can't wait to see what else she has planned. Please visit the Warm Sunshine Blog and show her some love.

Now I'm going to switch topics and mention this wonderful band called Eden's Edge who I saw for the first time at the Country Music Association Festival last year. Their performance literally stopped me and my husband in our tracks. The lead singer's voice is incredible and the other two singers add beautiful harmonies.

Anyhow, their first full-length album came out this week and you better believe I snatched it right up. I had asked them to do a wonderstruck interview and, not surprisingly given my blog's young status, was (politely and personally) turned down. Maybe some day.

I thought I'd share a video here of them singing the song that finished out their set at the CMA Festival last year. I chose to share this song because it's a capella so you can really hear them. Most of their music is of the pop country variety with a full band backing them.

Enjoy! Here's wishing you a wonderstruck weekend.


  1. Thank you, Sherri! I am so honored and humbled by your kind words and by your choosing to mention me in your blog! (Yeah, even a little teary-eyed!) And--I also absolutely loved the clip from Eden's Edge! I think they have a new fan--me! Thanks, my friend!

  2. Her voice is bone-chillingly amazing. I can see what you mean by being stopped in your tracks.
    I also like your description of your friend and look forward to checking out her blog.

  3. Yay for your friend, Marla and her fledgling blog! She sounds like an inspirational person to have in your life. And the song is beautiful - love their voices. The woman in the middle has a voice that reminds of one of my all-time favorite singers, Alison Krauss. Her voice is mesmerizing to me.

  4. Beautiful song - what a voice! I agree with Tami - the singer reminded me a lot of Alison Krauss.
    Thanks for sharing the video! I'm going to have to check that band out!


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