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Earning Vacation

Sometimes wonderstruckness looks a little more like dumbfoundedness. This is one of those times.

I have just returned from a two week vacation. 11 days to be precise, but close enough. My husband and I went to Italy and left the children at home with my mother-in-law. This was a true, get-away-from-everything, vacation. I’m not sure I can explain how recharged I feel right now.

I’ll talk more about the trip another day. Today, I need to vent about a weird phenomenon.

It’s been my experience that the week leading up to vacation always makes me earn that vacation.

Prior to leaving for Italy, I came down with a bad cold that drained my attention and sapped my energy. I had trouble doing what needed to be done in a steady time frame throughout the week and, instead, found myself rushing through it all in the last two days during which my stepson was playing in a baseball tournament. Oh, did I mention that my husband was tournament director? And he caught my cold just in time to run himself ragged performing his duties.

Meanwhile, our home started a revolt against us. The front door decided not to latch without significant slamming, meaning the door blew open at will. There isn’t much I ask of a front door, but I do expect it to stay closed.

In other news, a thunderstorm blew a piece of flashing off our garage roof. We’ve yet to get that fixed.

Then, it turns out those hot flashes I felt in the tail end of my cold weren’t from my body. The air conditioner was broken. It broke good, too, requiring a whole new unit.

On the day of our flight we returned from running errands to finish up our packing. A torrential downpour hit, but luck was on our side because it cleared by the time we went to our car. That’s when we saw the side door of our minivan wide open, the baby’s car seat drenched.

We continued to earn our vacation during the drive to the airport where we got stuck in lots of slow traffic. Adding to the fun, our GPS routed us through the touristy theater district of New York City (because clearly that’s a speedy path???). We finally got up to speed on the highway for about two miles and slowed to a crawl once again. The road was flooded.

So yeah, I earn my vacations one snafu at a time. Perhaps, so I will enjoy them more?

The bigger issue this time around is that the snafus have continued since we returned on Friday night. The new air-conditioner isn’t working properly, our in-laws car is broken down in our driveway blocking my car from getting out, grout has chipped out of our kitchen floor (how does that even happen?), and our big freezer defrosted causing me to throw out lots of food and forcing me to try and go through 6 pounds of blueberries I picked at the farm, three packages of English muffins, and a party-size lasagna.

Good times.

I'm dumbfounded at how much can go wrong at once. It's quite impressive, really. (Dumbfounded is kind of like wonderstruck, but less awe-inspiring.)

My question is this... has anyone else experienced this phenomenon where everything breaks at vacation time? Also, if you have a good recipe using blueberries, let me know.


  1. Because my comment would grow longer than your original post if I tried listing my own recent avalanche of the "Weird and Unexpected," I'll just mention that knowing it's not JUST ME, somehow makes me feel far more optimistic on this cranky Monday than I would've expected. Thankfully, it's my experience that these strange happenings generally tend to come in spurts and not so much a thing of permanence, [which isn't to say it's not absolutely crappy holding steady in the midst of the pile-on].

    I'm kind've wishing I had a glorious vacation to Italy scheduled in the midst of my own chaos, but hum...maybe not. The way things are going, I have to think I'm better off staying put until the smoke clears :-O

    About those blueberries...

  2. Oh, Sherri! The universe must be laughing right about now. Not very nice of it! ; ) Too bad I don't live closer; I'd go through those blueberries for you in about 3 days! Singlehandedly! : ) Hang in there, hope you are done for the year (or maybe the decade!) with weird house karma! Love you! PS: Glad you had fun on your trip, and can't wait to hear about it!

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