Basic Comforts

What a week. Ever since our power came back on Sunday (along with running water), I've been taking advantage: laundry, washing dishes, baths, showers, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Sleeping with heat. Such luxuries.

Just as things were beginning to feel normal again we were slammed with a snow storm on Wednesday.

The power flickered. It went out. It came back. Flickered a few times, went out. I sat in a bathtub in pitch black nothingness. Breathe.

The lights popped on. Power again. Thankfully.

The next morning I woke to power still on and about 8 inches of snow on the ground. Wasn't it just last week we had a hurricane? Now snow? What is going on here? Well played, Mother Nature. Well played.

No worries. At least we still had power which was more than some people in our town could say.

Until we didn't. Because that morning it went out. Again.

We spent the day with temperatures dropping indoors. We pulled out my in-laws' generator which we hadn't yet returned. I thought about the clothes I had washed first thing that morning and hadn't yet moved to the dryer. That would not be a pretty smell later.

Fortunately the power came back on that evening. I wasn't looking forward to sleeping in the cold again.

All this to say, I'm feeling a little weird. I'm on guard. I'm worried about when and for how long we will lose power next. I'd like to feel comfortable again.

Then I think about the families who have suffered worse from Hurricane Sandy. Like my friend in Long Island who had serious flooding and is now trying to get her car replaced, find a new place to live, and replace kids' toys.

Like the families whose meals are coming from shelters and kind businesses offering free food.

Like the people who are shoveling sand, debris, and water out of their homes to see what can be salvaged.

I am so very lucky.

Today I'm headed to the shore with baby supplies, cleaning supplies, and clothing, where another friend has been volunteering time in a town hall to help victims get the basic things they need.

No one should have to be without clean underwear and socks. They just shouldn't. So, that's what I'm taking, along with diapers, baby wash, soap, sponges.

Because everyone should be so lucky.


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