Interview: Prudence MacLeod

Each Wednesday is Wonderstruck Interview day. Hearing other people’s stories is a great way to see things from a different perspective and perhaps find something new to apply to our own lives.

Today's interviewee is Prudence MacLeod, a spiritual seeker, dog trainer, official Reiki Master and Interior designer, and personal trainer who has turned her hand to writing.

What have you been wonderstruck by recently?

Actually, I am often wonderstruck by the very machine I am using to answer these questions. As a child I learned to write with pen and paper. Over the long years I advanced to a manual typewriter, to an electric typewriter, etc. until I arrived at the current computer. Through this machine I can write ten times faster than I could with pen and paper although I am now in my sixties. Pretty darn cool, isn’t it? I think it is amazing.

What part of your day are you grateful for?

First thing. As soon as I stir the dogs start to poke at me with their muzzles. I try to rise, but my partner always pulls me back for another cuddle. I start my day snugged in a warm bed being cuddled by a beautiful woman and nuzzled by four tail wagging dogs. It doesn’t get better than that.

What part of the day is tough? How do you move through it?

Once I’m up my morning kicks into high gear. By 11:00a.m. I have done the housework, made and cleaned up from breakfast, driven K to work, and walked the dogs. Only then do I get my second cup of coffee and sit to the computer to write. The only way to do it is to smile and power through it. If I slow down or stall I get less writing time.

What do you wish you were more conscious of?

People for certain. I have so many wonderful friends and I love hanging out with them. The problem is I get so caught up in writing and trying to promote, social media, etc. that sometimes my people get neglected. I know they don’t disturb me because I’m working, but I do wish they would sometimes. I’d love for some of them to come through the door and drag me away from the computer for a chat.

How do you stay focused on what is truly important to you?

Each morning I ask myself two questions. First I look at my partner and ask how I managed to get so lucky as to be chosen by her. Then I ask what I can do today to make this day a better experience for me and the people I come into contact with. These two questions keep me focused on the important stuff.

About Prudence MacLeod:

I am an avid chess player, not a great one, but an avid one. I build, I bake, I knit, and I tell stories. I have roamed far and wide for over sixty years in this realm, and I have seen much; some I wish I had not, and a great deal that I would love to see again. Some days I feel like Bilbo Baggins, for I have been there and come back again. No, I haven't written a book about my wanderings, but much that I have experienced, observed, learned, surmised, or imagined, is woven into the tales I have written. I do hope you enjoy them.

I actually have several novels on the go right now, three sci-fi and three romances. The one getting the main focus is the sequel to Novan Witch. I’m trying to finish the sequel for NaNoWriMo. You can download about 40K words of the first draft here:

It’s free so if anyone wants to read it and give me some feedback, I’d love that.

Find Prudence here:



  1. Hi Sherri, this looks great. Thanks so much for having me over.

  2. Love your answer to the last question, Prudence!!


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