Anyone else feeling a little frantic today?

Red jingle bells

Winter solstice is here. It is the shortest day of sunlight for the year. After today each day will get a tiny bit more light as we work our way back to long summer days. Eventually.

Today is also the day the Mayan calendar ends. I saw one weather report for the week showing clouds and cold temperatures all week long with today's forecast showing firey meteors hurtling down and a high temperature of 1250 degrees. Saturday's weather was blank.

No meteors here. Let me know if you see anything suspicious.

More pressing, though, (more pressing than the potential end of life as we know it?) is Christmas is coming. In just four short days, we must be ready for family, gift exchanges, and trying to remember what Christmas is really about in the middle of all that family time and gifting.

Fortunately we aren't hosting Christmas. That means I don't have to cook- yay! There is still plenty to do and I'm feeling a bit frantic today about it all.

I'm running my washing machine pretty much non-stop thanks to the mountain of clothes that has developed while I was doing other things. I have presents to wrap plus more presents I hope will be delivered soon so I can wrap them.

We had a painter at our house earlier this week painting our two-story foyer that we've never figured out how to reach. While he was here he repainted our kitchen and living room after I tried to touch up paint and this happened:

Patchy walls

Not so good. More on that debacle some other day.

Anyhow, we couldn't put our Christmas decorations up until the painters were finished, so Wednesday night at approximately 11:00 p.m. we brought our decorations out of the attic. We assembled the pre-lit Christmas tree and hung the stockings on the mantle (with care, of course).

Yesterday I added a few miscellaneous decorations around the house and put some lights on the bushes outside (I don't have a good excuse for why that wasn't done yet. It just wasn't, okay?) Last night we decorated the tree.

So now, 4 days before Christmas, it's beginning to feel a little like Christmas.

Which brings me back around to the presents that need to be wrapped and the family visits. For which I'm accomplishing nothing because I'm doing all that laundry and cleaning the house. And blogging. Right.

Sometimes I just have to write. It can be grounding. Grounding is good.

You know what else is good? Christmas lights.

Christmas lights

And now that I have some to look at, my inner child is beaming.

I guess my whole point here is that I suspect I'm not alone in feeling frantic today. If you're feeling frantic, too, feel free to vent in the comments. As aforementioned, writing can be grounding.

And if you're in tip-top shape, totally calm and prepared for the holidays... yay for you! Maybe we can follow in your footsteps next year.

In the meantime, here's wishing all of you a weekend that is loving, productive, and dare I say calm? Yes, calm.


  1. Calm is good.
    I figure I've got one more trip to the mall in me, and then I'm done. Except for wrapping presents and getting ready for 15 or so people to show up for Christmas dinner. It's a fancy potluck thing, so I don't have to cook...that much...

  2. I'm still working on my Christmas Lite. So I am experiencing less Frantic this year, but it's still hard to get away from Frantic completely.
    Keep calm, Sherri, and enjoy the season. Forget about the Perfect. The paint job will keep!


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