Pinterest Recipe Review: Apple Cider Sangria

A few weeks ago, I was looking at my Pinterest boards at all sorts of ideas I've collected since joining.

That's when my husband came up and saw my "Cooking" pin board and asked, "How come you never make any of these? That looks good and... ooooh, that one... and this one, this, this, and... get on it, woman!" (He says these things in happy love, not like a drill sargeant.)

So, I've been trying some out.

From now until Christmas, I'm reviewing one recipe found on Pinterest each week. Last week was Cherry Pie Poppers (yum!). This week, Apple Cider Sangria (also yum!).

Here is the Pinterest pin: Apple Cider Sangria

...which leads to this recipe: Apple Cider Sangria on How Sweet It Is (

Be sure to visit that link for the beautiful photography. Your mouth will water! (Aside from which, I didn't take any pictures.)

I won't rewrite the recipe here. You can get that through the above links. The basic idea is to mix white wine, apple cider, club soda, and brandy. Garnish with apples and pears.

I made this for our first ever Halloween party. It's perfect for fall because of the apple cider, but I think it can carry you right through the holidays.

This sangria is really easy to make (which is important to me since I'm not overly culinary).

Once mixed, the color isn't as appealing as other sangrias. After all, this recipe calls for apple cider so you end up with kind of a blah brown concoction.

Garnishing helps with presentation quite a bit. I didn't have pears, so I only used apples. I'm wondering if perhaps a couple blackberries might also be a nice touch.

I doubled the recipe (except for the brandy - I had only the amount the recipe originally called for) and served it in a large glass drink dispenser with a little on/off spout. This way guests could serve themselves and I was free to attend to other hostess duties.

So, how did it turn out?

DELICIOUS! It was both refreshing and comforting (in that comfort food kind of way). It was quite a hit with the adults at the party.

Verdict: Definitely make again. It would be great for a small dinner party or an evening with my girlfriends. It works great for parties. For the holidays, try garnishing with cranberries or cinnamon sticks in individual glasses.


  1. This sounds perfect for New Years............

  2. What a great idea for a blog. This drink sounds yummy and fresh.

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