Pinterest Recipe Review: Cookie Dough Balls

Each week this month I am reviewing one recipe I found on Pinterest. After collecting a number of scrumptious looking foods on my Cooking board, I realized I should probably start actually making them. Novel concept, I know.

I've already reviewed Cherry Pie Poppers and Apple Cider Sangria. This week: Cookie Dough Balls.

Here is the Pinterest pin: Cookie Dough Balls

...which leads to this recipe: Cookie Dough Balls on Love and Olive Oil site

I won't reprint the recipe here. You can get that from the links above. Basically, you make egg-free cookie dough, roll it into balls, freeze on a cookie sheet, then dip in chocolate and refrigerate.

I'm going to say right off the bat, I had some ups and downs with this recipe.

Mixing the cookie dough was easy. Rolling the dough, also easy. At a friend's recommendation (who had previously made the same thing with a different recipe), I rolled the balls a bit smaller than the recipe called for. My friend had used a melon baller and thought they were a bit big and would have preferred something more bite sized.

So, I rolled mine to the size of.. I don't know, a small radish? On the "how big is my unborn baby" scale, they'd be about week 9 - a large olive.

Anyhow, this seemed about the right size for popping one in your mouth and avoiding the whole melting chocolate on fingers dilemma. At worst, they were two bites.

I lined them up on a cookie sheet with walls and, when one layer was full, put down a sheet of waxed paper and filled a second layer.

Now, as most people probably would, I tasted the cookie dough at this point. It was very sweet, sweeter than the dough I make for chocolate chip cookies, which had me worried about the finished product. But once the dark chocolate went on, the bitterness from that balanced out the sweetness of the dough. The finished cookie dough ball was better than the dough alone.

Speaking of the chocolate coating, I sucked at it. This was the most frustrating part of the process for me. You should know that I'm not overly culinary. I can follow a recipe and even jazz things up a bit, but my technique is fairly poor. I say this so you know that this could be an easy process for someone else. You might even be a pro at coating. For me, it was tricky.

The recipe suggested using a fork to dip the balls into the chocolate. When I did that, I had trouble getting the ball off the fork after dipping and I'd end up smudging the chocolate off while finagling it off the fork.

Then I tried to keep the cookie dough a little looser on the fork, sort of barely sticking it with one tine. With this method the cookie dough fell off into the chocolate and I had to fish it out resulting in a really thick and messy chocolate coating that slowly oozed off and made a flat chocolate disk under the cookie dough ball.

I tried toothpicks and spoons and, ultimately, returned to the fork and just struggled through. I had two full cookie sheets worth of balls, so this was a long process during which I had to keep reheating the chocolate as it cooled. And the more i reheated the chocolate, the harder it was to work with.

So yeah, coating was tedious.

When all is said and done, the cookie dough balls are quite tasty. We served them alongside the Cherry Pie Poppers and a pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. They weren't as big of a hit as I thought they would be and, because there were so many, I had quite a few left over even though half of them were eaten.

Verdict: Good. Maybe make again if I can figure out a better way to coat. Or maybe find a way to make the dough a tad less sweet and leave them uncoated. (I originally wrote "leave them naked," but then I was laughing like a 12-year-old boy at the notion of "naked balls." You're welcome.)

I'll hang on to this recipe, but it won't be one of my "go to" desserts because the chocolate coating makes it a bit too time intensive, particularly when I have an active toddler running around.

What do you think? Have you made something like this? Do you have tips for coating?

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  1. I have a 13 year old boy, and your final comment made me LOL!! I remember making peanut butter balls when I was a kid - peanut butter and powdered sugar and ???? rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate. We melted chocolate chips with a block of wax, and it never seemed difficult to work with. Of course, I was a kid, so maybe the messy part was a virtue...


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