Where I'm Finding Inspiration

In the past few weeks, a number of readings have caught my attention. Here are some that I found particularly inspiring:

This is what you need to remember when life is hard by Heather Plett - The title says it all. How to find hope to get through the hard.

Jealousy & Regret Are Great Teachers by Shauna Niequist, in which she says...
But there were too many trips and meals and conversations and experiences that I was too busy and too overwhelmed to really experience and appreciate. That’s what I regret: the days when I was there but not fully there, the conversations with people I love during which I gave them half my mind and a sliver of my heart because I’d spent it all already, because I was empty and fragmented from the sheer amount of things I was trying to experience.

Not fully there... a state I find myself in far too frequently. Shauna suggests slowing down- that has also worked for me. I need to remember to build in downtime so I can fully appreciate the... um... uptime?

What If My Dreams Scare The Shi* Out Of Me? by Leonie Dawson because sometimes dreams are big, scary things. Leonie gets that.

The Girl of Fire by Brandi Reynolds wherein she explores the beauty of fiery people. Like Brandi, I'm not a fire person either, but I was moved by this post to think about what my own brand of fire might look like.

Practice Makes Perfect also by Brandi Reynolds. (I've been following Brandi for several years now. I love her spirit.) - A short and sweet post about the frustrating side of practice.

Book: Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass - A book for middle readers about a pair of almost thirteen-year-old friends searching for the keys to a box claiming to contain the meaning of life.

What readings have caught your attention lately?


  1. and as always, I'm so honored that you find inspiration in anything I say. :)

    love ya!

  2. You've been fun to follow for all these years in the blogosphere. Keep on with your awesome Brandi-ness!


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