The Best Part of Pink's Concert

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Sunday night I took my husband and teenager to the Pink concert in Philadelphia- one of the best shows I have ever seen. (Seriously, if you have an opportunity to see her, go.)

Pink's energy level is insane (as are her muscles), her voice is great, and her passion is undeniable. She loves what she does and it shows.

She performed the perfect mix of new songs, old songs, and everything in between. She even sang Chris Isaak's Wicked Games.

She danced, jumped, and flew. Yes, flew. Pink sang several of her songs while doing aerial acrobatics- tangling in scarves, climbing through and hanging off the side of a spinning ball. (That's her hanging over the stage in the photo.)

For her encore, she took her flying to a whole new level when she flipped and air-jogged the entire length of the stadium, then rose to the nosebleed seats. She zigzagged around the stadium visiting fans at all levels (all while singing "So What"). I've never seen anything quite like it.

Some of the best moments had nothing to do with theatrics, though. Because she grew up outside Philadelphia, she mentioned her mom and dad periodically, adding "they're here somewhere."

She said her mom makes the best s'mores that she would never ever share, but brought a partially empty tray of rice krispy treats because she "ate four and couldn't eat anymore." Then she passed out treats to some of the audience members in the pit (where people stand near the stage). "See, mom? Told you I'd share."

But my most favorite moment was this. Pink sat on a stool next to her lead guitarist during an acoustic set. One verse in to Who Knew, she stopped singing, and told the guitarist to hold on.

She looked beyond the pit, back about 15 rows, pointed and asked, "Is that little girl okay? Why is she crying?"

Talk about awareness. She was clued into her audience enough to notice. Then not just to notice, but to stop and make sure everything was okay.

Someone from the audience explained that people were fighting near this (maybe seven-year-old?) girl and she was scared. Pink told the girl that everything would be okay, then offered her a rice krispy treat and a stuffed frog that a fan had previously given her.

The family carried the girl to the edge of the pit, then the pit audience passed the girl toward the stage so Pink could personally hand her the frog and the treat. While the girl was handed back to her family, Pink looked at the audience and said, "Knock it off out there. You're grown a$$ women."

She returned to her stool and, when asked by her guitar player if they were picking up where they left off, she laughed. "No, we're not that coordinated. We're going to start over." So she started the song over and the concert went on.

The lesson here? Connect with people. Be real. Pink has put together a truly impressive show. The most amazing part of it, though, is how she connects with her audience.


  1. Thank you for that heartwarming story, Sherry. That was wonderful and impressive all around. That little girl and her family will never forget that night, and neither will you!

  2. Sherry, I've read so many blog posts on "connecting" that it has almost becomes trite and cliche. But, that one story summed up beautifully what it means to truly be present. What it really means to connect. Love this one! Thank you.

  3. Absolutely! There was so much good in that one evening.

  4. Thank you for your comment, Bill. Pink definitely had a level of awareness and connection that I didn't anticipate. I thought I was in for a good show, turns out I came away with more.

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