Weekend Inspiration - Be Real

There have been some wonderful posts around the web this past week and it seems the ones that have caught my eye did so because the person speaking was being real.

Not putting up fronts. Not trying to sound bigger or smarter or tougher than they felt. Simply being real in the moment. Nothing is more captivating.

Dear Gail - A heartfelt letter from Glennon (of Momastery) to a woman in the audience of her speaking engagement. Glennon was so moved by the woman's attentive nods that she climbed fire escapes and scoured the web until she was able to meet her. This on

See Gail's response on her blog: For those of you who were wondering what just happened... The lines at the end are beautiful.

Then there's this video of Jennifer Lawrence at backstage interviews after winning her Oscar. No canned answers. No heard-it-a-million-times "proper" thing to say. Jennifer answered bluntly and directly. How refreshing!


I found this video in a post from Copyblogger: Copy this “Oscar-Ready” Approach to Boost Your Social Media Star Power. The post includes a transcript of sorts in case you're reading this post in a place that doesn't allow you to have the noise of a video right now.

All of this makes me wonder, though, if being real is so attractive, why do so many of us fear being ourselves in front of others? We try to appear as an expert. We scramble to get our homes spic-and-span before guests arrive. We try to convince others how great we are.

In fact, we are great, but not because we polished our words or our silverware. We are great when we are real and present in the moment.

Be real. Be YOU.


  1. Words as polished as our silverware? Oh, boy. If that's a requirement for a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, then I'm in big trouble. Heard a great line years ago, wish I could remember where so I could give credit, but it went like this:

    Sometimes I only take my foot out of my mouth to stick the other one back in.

    Love Jennifer's honest responses to what were some really wacky questions. What was your process getting ready? Really?

  2. Hmm. Actually, given that I don't polish my silverware (does anyone?), my words probably are equally polished. But no, I meant that neither one has to be polished.

    I've heard the phrase you shared before and I love it. I'm not sure where it originated either.

    And yes, Jennifer's answers were spot on... "I showered... got my hair and makeup done... and then I came to the Oscars." Sounds logical!

    Thanks for dropping by, Sherry!


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