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Duck Update: Moving Outdoors

Squackers and Buttons have grown up. Remember when they were brand new and so small? When they lived in our master bathroom? Well, believe me... I remember.

Two weeks ago we made the move. The ducks had outgrown their brooder (i.e. Rubbermaid storage bin). Squackers had jumped out twice. It was time. These no-longer-little guys needed more space and fresh air.

We gave them one last swim in the bathtub and, as always, they cleaned and preened and primped and splashed.

Then it was time for the great outdoors. My husband and I built a run from two-by-fours and garden mesh right in the center of the mini orchard. It wasn't our ideal location, but it was fairly level and we didn't have time to spare.

We spent a rainy evening building the run and sporadically running for cover under the arbor when a rain cloud passed overhead. Build and run, build and run, until finally it was dark and we could no longer see what we were doing. The run was built, the door was built, but they weren't…

What's Growing in my Garden Right Now

Over the last few years I've been working on my gardening skills, specifically trying to grow food.

I'm quite late for this year's vegetable garden, but I'm hoping to get some beds prepared and planted this weekend.

What do I have so far? More than I thought, despite a rocky start.

I began with some seeds indoors in April. I had a small tray of herbs...

... and a large tray of vegetables (peas, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, and various kinds of squash).

I set the covered trays in our kitchen where the most sunlight comes in. Once they sprouted and it was time to remove the lids, I moved them to our master bathroom where I could lock them away from the cat (he has a tendency to eat greenery- no indoor plants for us).

The master bathroom was quickly became a mini homestead what with the ducks living in there and all.

Let me explain what you're seeing in that picture. There are potted herbs in the windows that I bought from a local nursery. The seedlings I grew are on the cou…

Wishcasting: Sweetness

There's a practice I used to partake in on my old blog called Wishcasting Wednesday. It is led by a gorgeous soul- creativity coach Jamie Ridler ( I adore Jamie. It feels like it's time to play online with her again.

The way this works is each Wednesday Jamie prompts her readers to make a wish. Readers post their answer on their own blog and share a link on Jamie's blog, then you can visit other people's blogs and spread a little karmic love into the universe by sharing in their wish ("As [name] wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.").

This week she asks: What sweetness do you wish for?

I wish for the sweetness of fruit fresh from the garden. I have a bunch growing in my garden and I'm hoping to keep critters away so it has time to ripen for me to pick- strawberries, blueberries, peaches, plums, apples, kiwis, and cherries. Grapes and raspberries haven't formed yet, but I'm watching for them, too.

I've only had str…

This Morning's Visitors

I'm not feeling very wordy today. We're coming off a three day weekend where my husband and I did a ton of yard work, my teenage stepson played in a baseball tournament, we got a visit from some out-of-town friends, and we went to a barbecue. (Is it still a barbecue if nothing is in BBQ sauce? You know, like hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggies- is that a barbecue?)

Anyhow, it was the perfect balance of productivity and fun, with a good mixture of activities and plenty of outside time.

This morning the sky is gray and I'm feeling quiet. So, instead of more words, I offer you photos of some of the visitors to my bird feeder this morning.

I just filled it three days ago and already it's running bare. There's still enough to cause a stir, though.

Mother's Day Inspiration

When we were kids, we knew we were supposed to get a card for mom on Mother's Day. Maybe we also got flowers or some other trinket for a gift. We weren't sure the reason for this day other than that it is marked on calendars in permanent print.

I remember only one of the gifts I gave my mom when I was a kid and the reason I remember it is because it made her cry (in the good way). I was a teenager (which I know because I bought a gift during one of those mall hangouts with my friends). It was a porcelain picture frame with light pink roses on it and I inserted a picture of her holding me as a baby from one of our family albums. She loved it.

This morning has just gotten started but my husband is already in the kitchen making me breakfast. (Wonderful man!) My toddler presented me with a card containing his handprint in soft green ink. My teenage stepson has something still tucked away from his mall hangout on Friday night. And after breakfast, we'll be headed to Longwood Gard…

I'm Talking About Grandparents

This is just a quick note to let you know that I have a post up at Grandmother Hen. No, I'm not a grandma yet (and better not be for a long, long time). I'm over there talking about my own grandparents and my kids' grandparents. Check it out here: Grandparents Near and Far.

Grandmother Hen is a resource for grandparents to be part of a community to talk about health, lifestyle, safety, and the kiddos. Spread the word to grandparents you know. This is a good one!

Why We Don't Go Downtown Anymore

You know how you hear a catchy song and you find yourself singing it all the time, maybe dancing a little? Well, that song for me right now is Lady Antebellum's "Downtown."

It's a bouncy little country number in which a woman is asking her man why they don't go out anymore. "I don't know why you don't take me downtown / like you got anywhere better to be." (If you know this song, I apologize now in advance for the way you'll be singing it all day.)

As a parent, going out doesn't happen often. Between having a toddler and having a teenager with an active social life but no driver's license, our weekends often revolve around family. Which is truly great, actually. I like family time.

Still... "I have some platforms sitting in the corner / they wanna stroll on a city sidewalk / I gotta dress that'll show a little uh-uh / but you ain't gettin' uh-uh if you don't come pick me up."

So dang catchy.

Anyhow, last weekend …

Celebrating One Year of Live Wonderstruck

WOW OH WOW! Live Wonderstruck is celebrating its one year anniversary today. Blogiversary? Hmm, I think so, yes. It is a one year blogiversary.

One year since I launched this site with a little post called Bring on the Wonder.

What has been my favorite part?

It's hard to say. There are so many things I love- the space to write, the friendly commenters, all of you who take time to read my words.

One of my favorite things has definitely been the involvement of others. This is the first blog where I have posted interviews. So many wonderful people have stepped up. It's been amazing to see how differently each of them answer the same five questions.

Thank you to all of my wonderstruck interviewees!

What has been your favorite part?

According to the analytics, my highest viewed posts for the past year are:

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A Poem and a Sketch From What Might Have Been Lost Time

Craggy branches sprawl
shadow navy moonlit sky
a macabre peace

*   *   *

I wrote this haiku last weekend while waiting for my teenage stepson to come out from a sweet sixteen party.

My husband and I had dropped him off earlier that evening, then run a few errands, had dinner, strolled a bookstore, and then it was 11:00 p.m. and things were closing. The party didn't end until midnight so we sat in the parking lot until it ended. My husband opted for a quick nap and my toddler was playing in his car seat.

I've made it a practice to carry a notebook with me nearly everywhere I go, but I rarely end up using it for more than a quick note. But there I was in a dark parking lot with time to kill and a pesky little inner voice mocking me: "a true writer would take this opportunity to write."

So I pulled out my notebook and stared at a blank page for a minute unsure of what to write. That's when I noticed the big twisty tree silhouetted in front of me. It looked like a scene fro…

All That Led Up to Live Wonderstruck

Live Wonderstruck may be approaching its first anniversary (next week!) but I've been blogging for five years now. Wow. It surprises me that it's been so long.

It all began in February 2007 when I was working as a Web Producer for a trade magazine publisher. Knowing how things work on the web was my job and blogging was a topic that was coming up with more frequency.

I learn best by example (seeing and doing), so I hopped over to, which I knew was a popular free blogging platform, and began my first blog called Life After Web.

My first post was called The Internet: From Resource to Pastime and from there I continued to write short posts about the internet, technology, and human interaction (or the decline thereof). I pondered the relevance of Second Life and Twitter. I got my first comment. (So thrilling!)

I was hooked.

But I didn't only want to be the web geek girl. I wanted to talk about fluffy, happy, silly things. So off I went to to start a second…