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All That Led Up to Live Wonderstruck

Live Wonderstruck may be approaching its first anniversary (next week!) but I've been blogging for five years now. Wow. It surprises me that it's been so long.

It all began in February 2007 when I was working as a Web Producer for a trade magazine publisher. Knowing how things work on the web was my job and blogging was a topic that was coming up with more frequency.

I learn best by example (seeing and doing), so I hopped over to, which I knew was a popular free blogging platform, and began my first blog called Life After Web.

My first post was called The Internet: From Resource to Pastime and from there I continued to write short posts about the internet, technology, and human interaction (or the decline thereof). I pondered the relevance of Second Life and Twitter. I got my first comment. (So thrilling!)

I was hooked.

But I didn't only want to be the web geek girl. I wanted to talk about fluffy, happy, silly things. So off I went to to start a second blog. (Why Wordpress and not Blogger? So that I would learn them both, of course.)

On a Lighter Note... opened in April 2007 with this message: "to remind us all that life is good, human kindness still exists, and simple pleasures are moodlifting." (Hmm... sounds like something I would say here on Live Wonderstruck.)

Somewhere thereafter I decided that maintaining two blogs was too much, so I combined them both under the heading of Life After Web and eventually purchased (announced in December 2010: Time for a Big Girl URL).

In other blogging adventures I realized a need for information about stepfamilies. Being a stepmom, as well as a stepdaughter and stepsister, I thought I could shed some light on the topic. Too Many Toasters launched in December 2009 with a subtitle I loved: "Stepfamily life and other anomalies resulting in confusion and excess small appliances." My first post was the toaster explanation.

It was during this time that I started blogging for, too (The Whole Shebang). They were interested in blended families so my new blog idea was just what they were looking for. (This was when I was web producer for a magazine publisher in New York City. Working Mother was one of the titles I worked with along with Popular Science, Parenting, and Saveur. Good times and I learned a lot- mostly that, in my project management role, I had strayed too far from writing.)

The problem with blogging about stepfamily life is you're not just blogging about yourself. You're blogging about your family. Things I wanted to share that I thought other people might benefit from weren't necessarily my stories to tell. I waffled over what I could and couldn't say. In May 2010 I stopped posting on Too Many Toasters. My unintentionally last post was Mom/Stepmom Relationship.

I went back to Life After Web, then I took a long break from blogging altogether. When I came back I began to wonder if it was time for a fresh start. I thought about my goals and the topics I'm interested in. I consulted my good friend and brand adviser. I thought and dreamed and drafted ideas.

In May 2012 Live Wonderstruck was born. A fresh new space without baggage.

The funny thing is I've recently found myself visiting Life After Web. Kind of a lot. There are things I wrote that I didn't even remember. Some words that sounded really good and I was proud they had come from me. (And some not so much.)

Maybe absence has made me fall back in love with it. I love the longevity it has. I couldn't just let that go. And honestly, part of me wants to go right back there. Right back to where it all started. But that was then and this is now. And I love Live Wonderstruck, too.

So, I've decided on a compromise. I've now imported all the old posts from all the old blogs right here on this site. I've organized them under the categories I already had here (and added one more: Technology & Web).

There have been 124 posts on Live Wonderstruck since it started last year. To that I add more than 400 posts from my earlier blogs. I don't expect you to go back and read each one. But they're here and maybe you'll stumble across some new favorites.

Next week Live Wonderstruck will celebrate it's first anniversary. Today it celebrates all that came before. All that led to this.

Hooray for complicated pasts.






  1. Fantastic idea to import all your work into one place! I love hearing about the evolution of your blogging. =)

  2. What a lot of blog writing. Good for you, Sherri!
    It makes perfect sense to put them all in one spot.
    Ever consider doing one of those "blog to print" books?
    Even if only for one of your categories.
    And, I notice you have chosen WP over blogger, after learning them both. I am considering trying WP and hoping I can transfer all my posts at that time. When I ever get that time...

  3. Oh, Sherri, I can TOTALLY relate. I have another beloved blog on blogger (Forge and Brew), which I started in 2006 although it has given way to my current wordpress blog. Along the way I also had a blog for my cat for a while (Feline in Therapy) - heh.

    I've been trying to decide whether or not to import all my other posts (F&B alone has more than 700)... I can't quite bring myself to do it yet. They already have their own existence. Hmmm. Maybe one day.

  4. It's nice to know I'm not the only one with blog posts in other places. 700 is a lot of posts! I'm sure whatever you decide will be perfect.

  5. Thank you, Suzanne! I was considering doing a book of all my blog posts just for myself to keep so I can flip through and see everything I've written. Do you know a good service for that?

  6. Thanks, Joules! It's been a long, fun road.

  7. The first time, I used blog2print, but I'm finding the site difficult to use now. So I am trying - They seem to have more options.

  8. What a splendid journey. It's fun to see your analytic depth pairing with your playful side. "Hooray for complicated pasts" is too cute.


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