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Duck Update: The Kiddie Pool

Have you missed Squackers and Buttons? I thought so. Here's a picture I took of them yesterday when I went to feed them. They still tend to huddle in the corner as far as possible from the human (me) even if the human is there to bring food, fresh water, and perhaps open the pool. Pool? Oh, yes. I felt bad that they hadn't been able to swim for a while, so I picked up a plastic kiddie pool at the store and set it outside their duck run. They will happily sit in that kiddie pool all day. Of course, I kind of had to scare them into it. They refused to come out of their house for about 6 hours after I put the pool there. I finally went out and used my powers of deterrence to shuffle them right into it. After doing that everyday for a week, these past two days they've made their way to the pool all by themselves. After waiting. And hiding. And waiting some more. Silly ducks. With all the rain we've had this summer and now the pool that needs to be dumped periodically, I dec

Summer Kind of Sucks

Ahh, summer. BBQs, late nights, fresh produce, family fun. Supposedly. We've had a little of that, but overall summer has not been easy. My teenager broke his hand, my debit card number was stolen, and thanks to a not-so-speedy passport expediting service, we had to cancel our vacation. So, I'm a little over summer. It's just too much. I took the hand thing in stride. It didn't seem to bother my teenager too much aside from minor cast-related annoyances. I even remained calm through the debit card fiasco despite finding the whole situation really scary. Fortunately my bank was right on top of things. They notified me (by email) of possible fraud as soon as the fraudulent transactions happened. I checked my account and, sure enough, there were two purchases that neither I nor my husband had made. The bank removed the charges, closed my debit card, and mailed me a new one. I called the company where the purchases were made and they were suspiciously ready to handle fraudu