Duck Update: The Kiddie Pool

Have you missed Squackers and Buttons? I thought so. Here's a picture I took of them yesterday when I went to feed them.


They still tend to huddle in the corner as far as possible from the human (me) even if the human is there to bring food, fresh water, and perhaps open the pool.

Pool? Oh, yes.

I felt bad that they hadn't been able to swim for a while, so I picked up a plastic kiddie pool at the store and set it outside their duck run.


They will happily sit in that kiddie pool all day. Of course, I kind of had to scare them into it. They refused to come out of their house for about 6 hours after I put the pool there. I finally went out and used my powers of deterrence to shuffle them right into it.

After doing that everyday for a week, these past two days they've made their way to the pool all by themselves. After waiting. And hiding. And waiting some more.

Silly ducks.

With all the rain we've had this summer and now the pool that needs to be dumped periodically, I decided waterproof boots would be a good investment (both for tending to the ducks and working in the garden).

My husband thought they should be cute and insisted on picking them out himself. He went online and found these...


In case you can't see them well enough, they are black on the foot part and black-and-white plaid on the leg part. Really cute and super functional. Instead of teetering around on toes being careful where to step, now I go tromping right through.

We still need to fence in the whole garden area to give the ducks room to safely romp (not to mention keep the deer and other critters out) and we still need to find a bigger, better house before cold weather comes back around. Those are our summer projects.

In case you were wondering, we gave the too-small chicken coop that we built earlier this year to friends. Those friends now have chicks, so I'll be watching to see how that goes to see if we should expand our little homestead.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. You're such a good DuckMama! They look like they're doing well, and adapting to urban life.

  2. I love the names Squackers and Buttons :)


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