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Photograph Every Day

As part of August Break 2013 (with the lovely Susannah Conway), I'm posting photographs to my blog this month. Her rules are that there aren't any real rules. We are to do what feels right- post daily or once in a while.

I may not be able to post every day, however, I am using this project as an opportunity to challenge myself to take one new photograph every day. So, here are my photos from Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (today)...

Saturday: The Little One got his very first bike. A hand-me-down from his big brother who outgrow it many, many years ago, it also spent a few years with our friend's son.

Photo Aug 03, 8 33 54 PM

Sunday: We accomplished a lot of nagging tasks on our to do list like cleaning out the garage and making a repair to my car, the latter of which looked something like this in the middle of the whole endeavor.

Photo Aug 05, 9 41 28 AM

Monday (today): The weather is gorgeous- a real blessing after a summer alternating between thunder storms and extreme heat and humidity. After lunch The Little One and I played outside for while. We even played a little whiffle ball. I've set a goal for the remainder of the summer to go outside everyday for as long as possible.

Photo Aug 05, 2 12 45 PM

P.S. As I wrote this post, I needed a little refresher on "everyday" vs. "every day" because it was one of those times where no matter how I typed it, it still looked wrong. Yes, even a writer and editor like me needs a reminder now and then. If you're confused, too, check out this helpful (and short!) explanation.

The August Break 2013


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