Day 21: Kickin' It Old Skool Blog Challenge


Throughout December I am Kickin’ It Old Skool with Jamie Ridler, Shannon Ridler, and a whole group of other creative bloggers. We’re bringing back the days when blogging was fun and not just another chore on the social media frontier. Join in any time! The more the merrier.

A favorite quote:
If you planted hope today in any hopeless heart,
If someone's burden was lighter because you did your part,
If you caused a laugh that chased a tear away,
If tonight your name is mentioned when someone kneels to pray,
Then your day was well spent.

I don't know who wrote this. I found it on a plaque in a home décor catalog years ago and have kept it written down in several places ever since.

I doubt that all of my days are well spent, but this is a good reminder of the right way to live.

What is your favorite quote?

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