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Flecks #14

As in flecks of reflection from the week: what I'm learning and celebrating.

Things I learned this week:

  • Sometimes I feel like I know what I want to do and I'm doing it. Other days I feel like I have no idea what my vision is or if what I do makes sense to me or anyone else. Lately, I'm realizing that the unclear times are getting shorter and swing back around to clear days.

  • I've heard that you aren't supposed to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach because you'll buy more than you intended (and need). I think that's true because this week I went to the grocery store on a full stomach and it was probably my smallest and cheapest grocery run ever. I bought just a few things to work into meals for the week and I didn't buy any junk food.

  • I feel like a good mom when: 1) I put total attention into playing with my toddler (no cell phone, no distractions); 2) I bake cookies; and 3) I prepare a good crockpot dinner.

Things I'm celebrating this week:

  • I am now copyeditor of a new online magazine called Simply Happy Me! The second issue went live yesterday.

  • My third article of the year went up on Grandmother Hen: a review of the movie Planes.

  • The above two things mean I am actually doing work that I have wanted to do since graduating college more than a decade ago. Woohoo!

  • My stepson's best friend got his driver's license. (In this case "celebrating" means "freaking out.")

  • Girls' night out last night. Or rather girls' night in. Comfy sweats, slippers, ice cream sundaes, twisted tea, the movie Pitch Perfect, and relaxed conversation with Laura and Nicole. Thank you, girls!

Things that are resonating with me this week:

I saw a line on Pinterest this morning that said something to the effect of this: "We have two hands. One for helping ourselves and the other for helping other people." I like this idea and I think it's important that it included helping ourselves because we have to help ourselves to be in a place to help others. And helping others is, in its own right, a way of helping ourselves.

What did you learn this week? What are you celebrating? Leave a comment and I'll share a "Woohoo!"


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good week. Congrats on the new copyediting gig :)

    This week I learned some calculus. I think. I probably won't really know until we have a test ;)


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