Want Some Snail Mail?

I have this collection of cards that I go to when I want to send someone an impromptu note. I'm talking actual, physical, paper cards.

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself to use my entire stash of cards by the end of the year.

In part, this goal helps me rid an overly full box (as the stash has grown faster than my taking from the stash has diminished it). Mostly though, I thought this would be a great goal to make sure I'm reaching out to people. To brighten someone's day with something pretty in the mail along with all those pesky bills and ads.

Here's the thing. Instead of sending cards repeatedly to the same few people (though I'm sure those people would be quite happy), I want to spread the cheer.

Would you like to receive some pretty snail mail? Yes, you! I would love to send you a note that doesn't ask anything of you, that doesn't require a response, that simply puts a little color and life into your mailbox. You deserve it.

If you think this sounds like a marvelously wonderstruck idea, drop a note in the comments below. DO NOT PUT YOUR MAILING ADDRESS THERE. That feels like a bad idea. Simply leave a little note to say, "Yes, please!" or whatever you feel like saying. I will email you to ask for your physical mailing address, then you can start watching your mail.

Also, I promise that I will not use your mailing address for anything other than this one little cheer delivery. You won't end up on some crazy list. You won't get any ads from me, nor will I share your information with anyone else. This is all about spreading some wonderstruck love.




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