I'm 37 and Live Wonderstruck is 2!

It's a big week here. Lots of growing milestones. Okay, really just two. Or maybe three. Or four. I guess it really is a big week.

First, my birthday was this week. I'm now 37 and I feel really good about that. I'm not even sure why. There's just something about that number that feels right.

As has become my custom for the past five or so years, I held a self portrait session in my backyard. This year instead of battling with the timer on my camera, I let my three-year-old stand behind the tripod and click the button to his heart's content. (I highly recommend this method, by the way. He was super excited to take pictures. Who cares if some were blurry or aimed wrong? That happens when I take them with the self-timer, too.)

Actually, I guess that means it wasn't so much of a self portrait as just a portrait. You get the idea.

Anyhow, this is what 37 looks like. Unfiltered. Un-retouched.

DSC_0143 DSC_0151

But I wasn't the only one with a birthday. Live Wonderstruck turned 2 this week! HOORAY! (*Cue confetti and dancing and sparkles and whatever other merriment you think of.*)

I started blogging in 2007 quite randomly and haphazardly. I dabbled here and there in different topics. But it wasn't until 2012 that I narrowed in and the idea of seeking wonder in everyday life. Thus began my Live Wonderstruck journey.

Let's review some of the most visited posts during those two years.

My Pinterest recipe reviews make quite an appearance in the top ten including: apple cider sangria, cookie dough balls, cherry pie poppers, and blackberry cider.

Some of my most visited posts are older posts like Happy? I'm Too Tired to Be Happy, When You Don't Have Anything to Do On a Friday Night So You Buy Ducks (that's one of my favorites, too), and The Best Part of Pink's Concert.

But some of my most recent posts are also among the most viewed: Inked and What Makes a Long Marriage? No really, I'm asking.

Then there's the interviews. The most viewed are from addiction expert Veronica Valli and middle school teacher and writer Alina Sayre. This is probably a good time to say thank you to all of my interviewees over the past two years (and there have been many!). Thank you so much to all of you who said yes and took some time out to answer my questions. Thank you.

In related news this week I launched my very first newsletter! Did you get it? Make sure you're on the list by entering your name and email at the top of the sidebar. You'll get wonderstruck inspiration right to your inbox on the first Sunday of every month.

Also launched this week... my very first Wonder Seeker Photo Challenge! We wrap up today. It's been fun coming up with prompts and seeing what we find out in this world that maybe we hadn't paid much attention to before. I'll be running a week long version of this program toward the end of the summer. Make sure you're on my newsletter list to get early details!

Now it's time for me to thank you. Yes, YOU! In these two years you all have supported me and showed up, read and commented, emailed me and shared some link love. Thank you for that. I so appreciate it.

Thank you for making my life a little more wonderstruck. I wish all the same magic for you.



  1. Congratulations, Sherri. I remember when you started Wonderstruck. Keep it going!

  2. Happy Birthday....and congratulations on two years. You've got a great gift to share. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words, Bill!

  4. Thank you, Janice! Yes, you were there for the beginning and I appreciate that. :)


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