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Interview: Suzie the Foodie

Thanksgiving is upon us as I'm sure you are well aware. (If you live in the United States, that is. For my friends around the world, keep reading anyway. This isn't just about that.) I feel like I'm digressing already. Let's get back on track. The point is we have gratitude and food on our minds, so this interview is perfectly timed. I'm kind of excited about it. (Okay, really excited about it.) Today's guest is Suzie Ridler, also known as Suzie the Foodie. She's kind of awesome. And there's a recipe at the end in case you're looking for a yummy dessert for tomorrow's feast. (Told you... awesome.) Meet Suzie. What have you been wonderstruck by recently? I have been wonderstruck by my recently weird obsession with all things foodie retro. Dishes, cookbooks, kitchen artwork complete with mushrooms and lots of orange. It shocks me because in the 70s all those things drove me crazy! Now I see the innocence and charm of the time period and it makes me

Post-deadline Afterglow

Hello, world. I’ve missed you. Okay, so it’s only been two weeks since my last post, but it feels a lot longer. I had three editing projects all due within a week of each other, so as the deadlines approached I ducked further into my cave, shutting off the world, ignoring phone calls, missing friends. It was a time of buckling down and doing what needed to be done, even if it meant my three-year-old watched a lot of TV while I worked. Yesterday was the last of the three deadlines and it was glorious. I spent the morning doing back-to-back loads of laundry, cleaning my kitchen, paying bills, completing preschool paperwork. Okay, I realize that may not sound glorious, but it was. I find that when I’ve been in my cave of work, the everyday minutiae of housework is gratifying. Midday I settled in with a blanket on a sunny couch for a 15-minute nap. Usually that short amount of time wouldn’t be enough for me to fall asleep so it would be frustrating, but yesterday in the post-deadline after

Flecks #30

As in flecks of reflection from the week: what I'm learning and celebrating. Things I learned this week: Wordpress hates me, I think. After 20 minutes working on a post, it produced an error and lost my work. Grrrr. Lesson: Type the post elsewhere first, then paste it into Wordpress. How to clean my washing machine. (I'm not sure how it gets so gross to begin with, but for now it looks almost new.) The motor vehicle building is quick to get through on a rainy day. I can write more than I think I can. Things I'm celebrating this week: My husband is back safely from his business trip. Starting a new online course called Write Your Freakin' Heart (+ guts) Out . Writing. I've done a fair amount of it this week. So much progress on an editing job. Exploring a neighboring town which I drive through all the time, but never really visit. (The above photograph of chairs is from there.) Things that are resonating with me: I've spent a lot of time this we

Through the Eyes of a Child (more photos from Jonas)

Remember a few weeks ago when I realized how much fun it was to hand my camera to my three-year-old and see the world through his eyes? Well, I'm still doing it. Here are some highlights from Jonas's latest photo shoots... That's real life, folks.

Interview: Stefanie Modri

Hearing other people’s stories is a great way to see things from a different perspective and perhaps find something new to apply to our own lives. Which is exactly why I love this interview series. This week, I'd like to introduce you to Stefanie Modri. Stefanie is an obstetrics nurse and founder of  The American Garden Tool Co. which, as the name implies, sells all American-made garden tools. She has taught me a lot about organic gardening and is brilliantly helping Jeff and I dream up plans for our new farm. (Incidentally, our husbands went to high school and college together, so I have them to thank for meeting this fascinating woman. Thanks, guys!) Meet Stefanie. What have you been wonderstruck by recently? I asked my husband to help me answer this and he said, "Honey, you are constantly wonderstruck!" He's right. I am. I guess I'll choose the most recent wonderstruck event--the process of moving a house down the street, around the corner, wherever, but witho

Collecting Soul Samples

As you may already know from last week's post , my husband and I recently collected soil samples at our new farm. A few times during the afternoon, I typed on my phone about it. Every time I did so, the oh-so-helpful spellcheck changed it to "soul sample." And while having to fix it repeatedly was frustrating, I was struck by the sentiment. Because when I am at the farm, I feel my soul cup filling. I feel connection and peace. I am truly collecting soul samples. How lucky we are to have found this space. How much luckier we will be to call it home.