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Favorite Children's Books of 2014

Some of my favorite bloggers have been compiling lists of their favorite books of the year (which means my "to read" list is growing). I have read quite a few great books myself this year, but for some reason, the ones that stand out most are children's books. I loved so many children's stories this year. They were sweet, fun, wholesome, and beautifully illustrated. So that's what I want to share. First, a couple of notes: 1) These books may or may not have been published in 2014. I just happened to discover them this year. 2) I have provided Amazon affiliate links for each book. This is just so you can easily learn more about the book. If you happen to purchase using these links, Amazon may send a small amount my way which I will put toward blog expenses. Now, on with the list! Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal This book actually was newly published this year and is enchanting (as anything with unicorn in the title might suggest). Uni is a unicorn who beli

My Favorite Books This Year

Which may or may not have been published this year, but this is the year I happened to read them. Nonfiction This I Know by Susannah Conway I love this memoir. Her words and her photos combine to create a beautiful exploration of how we get through life. This is the book I recommend most from this list. (See my review of it here .) The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron Whether you think you need to lose weight or not, this is a great book to get you thinking about the way you eat and how it affects you. Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential by Caroline Myss A find your purpose sort of book with the approach of studying and finding your archetypes. I enjoyed learning about the archetypes and seeing how they fit me (or didn't). Fiction The House at the End of Hope Street by Menna van Praag A magical house helps women trying to find themselves. I loved the characters in this story When We Were Grown Ups by Anne Tyler While reading this story, I sometimes liked it and sometimes

Dreaming on 2015 (and a new offering)

Are you thinking about 2015? Me, too. This is the time of year where I reflect on the closing year and the one to come. What lessons did I learn? What do I want to learn? What do I want to practice? Part of my reflecting on the coming year is a medicine card reading. Twelve cards - one for each month - that give me something to think about. What energy might the new year bring? How will I be able to use that energy or learn from it? Medicine cards are my choice for this type of reading because the animals help me feel connected to the earth and the energies they represent help me look at things in a new light. I note my cards and their meanings in my planning journal (I use Susannah Conway's Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook and I highly recommend it. It's free, so go print yours!). I think about what kind of flow might happen if I took advantage of these energies throughout the year. Then at the beginning of each month I study the message of that month's card. I think a

Winner of the Inner Alchemy Giveaway

We have a winner! In her interview last week , Mindy Tsonas graciously offered a spot in her upcoming Inner Alchemy circle beginning in January. I enjoyed Mindy's Inner Alchemy: Earth Coven this fall and will be joining again for the Air Coven (thank you, Mindy!). So... who will be joining me? Well, here's how I decided. There were two comments: Paola commented first and Alina second. So I assigned Paola to odd numbers and Alina to even and rolled a die. Number three came up. Congratulations, Paola! I can't wait to have you by my side in the Air Coven. Watch for an email from me. For full details on Inner Alchemy: Air Coven and to register, head over here to say YES to the adventure.  

Interview: Mindy Tsonas

How about another interview? I am so enjoying these. I love to see how everyone answers the same five questions in different ways. Today's guest is Mindy Tsonas- a Wish Alchemist, Life Artist, and Feminist Girl Guide on the path of wild discovery and deep integration. I recently "met" (online, as it were) Mindy through her Inner Alchemy: Earth Coven course where we made our own beautiful decks. You know, I love my oracle decks! Incidentally, Mindy is giving away a spot in January's Inner Alchemy: Air Coven to one Live Wonderstruck reader. Keep reading for details on how to enter! Mindy's spirit came through as calm and gentle. I couldn't wait to introduce her here to all of you. Please welcome Mindy. What have you been wonderstruck by recently? I am always wonderstruck by the magic of kindred community. It never ceases to amaze me how one connection can lead to something new and exciting, and by reaching out and putting yourself out there, real friendships and