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Interview: Mindy Tsonas

How about another interview? I am so enjoying these. I love to see how everyone answers the same five questions in different ways.

Today's guest is Mindy Tsonas- a Wish Alchemist, Life Artist, and Feminist Girl Guide on the path of wild discovery and deep integration.

I recently "met" (online, as it were) Mindy through her Inner Alchemy: Earth Coven course where we made our own beautiful decks. You know, I love my oracle decks! Incidentally, Mindy is giving away a spot in January's Inner Alchemy: Air Coven to one Live Wonderstruck reader. Keep reading for details on how to enter!

Mindy's spirit came through as calm and gentle. I couldn't wait to introduce her here to all of you. Please welcome Mindy.

What have you been wonderstruck by recently?

I am always wonderstruck by the magic of kindred community. It never ceases to amaze me how one connection can lead to something new and exciting, and by reaching out and putting yourself out there, real friendships and collaborations can be born! It's truly the foundation of my creative life, and I couldn't me more grateful for such wonderful energy, especially in my Inner Alchemy Circles where we are creating so much magic together!

What part of your day are you grateful for? 

I am most grateful for my mornings. I am a creature who thrives on routine and alone time. Once my kids are of to school and stillness descends on my usually noisy and chaotic house, I feel myself hit my stride and the creative juices start to flow. It's my best time to write and do my work, and it is also the time I love to dream and pour all my energy into making them happen.

What part of your day is tough? How do you move through it? 

The hardest part of my day is in the waning hours from about 5 til about 7pm. My kids are tired and hungry, there is homework and laundry and dishes to be done, sometimes overflow of work - it's the usual stuff of life. I try to make it more manageable by putting on music or letting my youngest help me cook dinner and making it fun. We get outside whenever possible, and walk to the beach to break up the energy, as we all find being in nature to be really grounding and calming.

What do you wish your were more conscious of? 

I practice being present to my life as much as possible. It's never perfect and always a challenge to really be in the moment with whatever is in front of you, but I am working on this kind of daily consciousness and attention to the small things. I find the more I can move through my world this way, the more ease there is in my day to day, but there are always bumps along the way.

How do you stay focused on what is truly important to you?

I usually am very focused on work related things that are my passion and calling. It is harder for me to keep that passion in harmony with family and friends and other commitments. Since I love what I do and work for myself, it can be a challenge for me to stay focused on the totality of my life. It's not a bad problem to have, to love what you do, and I do not believe in the idea of balance as I think it's an ideal that can set us up for failure, but I do try to stay focused on the big picture by creating clear boundaries around work and making plenty of time for other joyful pursuits. I love teaching my kids to follow their dreams, as we live it together one day at a time!

MindyTsonas-IACair button Giveaway!

Mindy has generously offered a free spot in her upcoming Inner Alchemy online course to one lucky reader. To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog post by midnight Eastern time on Sunday, December 7th.

In the New Year, on the first Full Moon, we will gather in our creative coven to honor AIR!

This season brings a new story... Animal Spirits and Archetypes

We are embracing wide open energy of emerging intuition

Our online gathering, January 4-17, 2015, will be centered around making your own one-of-a-kind Air Alchemy Deck. You'll be guided with stirring prompts and easy how-to's to create and infuse each of your cards with insight and deep personal meaning.  A keepsake and record of all of your soulwork will be collected and compiled in your beautiful, downloadable Inner Alchemy workbook, new this year! You will also learn unique ways to use these cards as a powerful tool in your creative life and work.
You will be accompanied by a gorgeous group of guides:


Heather A.Mattern * Jessica Borgan * Lisa Field Elliot * Julie Gibbons * Lisa Lister * Renee Magnusson * C. Delia Mulrooney * Amanda Oaks * Leah Piken Kolidas * Rachael Rice * Andrea Scher * Mindy Tsonas*

For full details and to register, head over here to say YES to the adventure.


Sherri jumping in here again to say I joined Mindy for the fall Inner Alchemy course and it was amazing. You don't need to consider yourself an artist, nor do you need to have experience reading cards. I cannot stress this enough- no experience necessary! Mindy and her fellow guides will walk you through everything and the participants are so encouraging and welcoming. So leave a comment on this post to enter the giveaway or follow the link Mindy provided to sign up. I will be there, too!

About Mindy:

Mindy Tsonas is a Wish Alchemist, Life Artist, and Feminist Girl Guide on the path of wild discovery and deep integration. Unabashed creativity, authentic sexuality, and daring personal alchemy are her touchstones. By sharing her own story, work and adventures, she carves out sacred space to honor the hard conversations that lead to better understanding and kinder self knowledge. She is a provocateur and heart-centered healer who is passionate about learning to trust the truth of our own desires. Find out more at


Update December 8, 2014: The giveaway is now closed. Here is the winner announcement.


  1. Sherri and Mindy I just want to say that I love this interview so much. I am always so inspired when I read these interviews and see how we are all living our lives in a beautiful way, messy and all. I breath, smile and expanded as I read it!
    And what a generous offer to a free spot on Inner Alchemy Air, I would love to explore my spiritual path through creating a deck. I would love to do it!!!!

  2. Paola - thank you for these kind words and for your acknowledgement of the messy and beautiful! and to you, Sherri for sharing in such a big-hearted way.

    xo, Mindy

  3. what a wonderful interview. I just love all of the magic that comes from living life "real". Owning the messy because those moments are the special moments memories are made of. Thank you for a great interview!

  4. […] her interview last week, Mindy Tsonas graciously offered a spot in her upcoming Inner Alchemy circle beginning in […]


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