Let's Rewrite Your Story


"I realized that my story was not a factual collection of words describing my life. My story was a heavy anchor I was dragging behind me while trying to catch the wind in my sails." ~Heatherash Amara in Warrior Goddess Training

What's your story? You know the one. It makes you uncomfortable, makes you doubt yourself, doubt your worth even. The one that you keep telling yourself even though it pains you to hear it.

Maybe you try to keep this story a secret from other people. Maybe you tell it to other people as an example of why you can't be, do, or have something.

It might start off with "I can't because..." or "Even when I was kid..." or "Nothing I do will matter because...."

It might be about your childhood or your first marriage or last year. Whatever it is, it's holding you back. So let's try something. Let's try rewriting that story.

First, let's strip that story down. Just the facts. "X happened." Forget the "which made me feel..." part. What exactly happened? Encyclopedia version. Who? What? Where? When? Forget "why?" if you need to. Why can be subjective.

So X happened. Then what?

What did you take away from that? What did you learn? What have you done since then? What will you do now?

Rewrite that story. If you can reframe it in a way that you feel gratitude, excellent! If you don't feel gratitude, so what? That's okay. You don't have to feel grateful for everything ever. But maybe you can feel less upset. Maybe you can see that story as a factual part of your life, rather than an anchor weighing you down.
"Transformation starts with how we use our words--how we speak our story to ourselves and others." ~Heatherash Amara in Warrior Goddess Training

How will you tell your story?


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