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It's Your Fault! Probably. Unless it's mine. (Stop the blame game.)

I am a blamer. Ugh, I hate that about myself. But it's true. Often if something goes missing, or is left open, or is otherwise troublesome, I immediately begin placing blame in my mind. The only thing that saves my poor family (the most frequent recipients of my blame) is that they are usually at work and school, while I am at home frustrated about whatever it is. It's easy to blame my husband and teenager. Ugh, that's a horrible thing to say! I sometimes refer to my teenager as a hurricane because you can see the trail left wherever he's been: shoes in the middle of the foyer, cup cabinet left open, chip bag on the counter, abandoned drink in the living room, game controller on the couch, clothes... everywhere. My husband has been known to grab whatever phone charging cord he can find before heading off to work (even if it is mine) and he has left without his wallet frequently enough that I've considered getting one of those chains to hook it to him. So if somethin