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The End (31 Days of Nest Building: day 31)


I did it! I wrote for 31 days straight on a single topic! Who knew?

This month of writing has covered my second month in this new-to-us home. The house and I have become acquainted. We have learned how each other works and lives. We have settled into each others’ eccentricities.

During this month I have explored my town and tried new restaurants. Tonight we will meet more neighbors when we go to our first Halloween party down the street. We still have a lot to see and relationships to build.

Through the process of moving, I have learned about myself. I have learned what makes me comfortable or not. I have learned how important it is to set intentions and live into them. I have learned how much I love the concept of home—a topic I will continue to explore.

When I began the 31 Days challenge, I honestly wasn’t sure I had enough to write about. I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep up the pace of a new post everyday. Yet, the further I made it, the less I wanted to miss a day. Some posts went live just before midnight, but I successfully posted every day this month.

Thank you for following along on this journey. In case you missed any posts or want to revisit them, here is the full list:

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  2. How I Met My House

  3. Clearing the Air

  4. Weekends are for House Projects

  5. Shifting the Energy

  6. Evicting Old Tenants

  7. Everything That Can Break, Will

  8. Use the Fancy China

  9. My Favorite Time of Day in this House

  10. Mysteries Solved

  11. Exploring the Town with My First House Guest

  12. Sweeping Outdoors is My Meditation

  13. The Kitchen Drawer that Wouldn't Open

  14. What I Will Miss

  15. I Didn't Notice That Before

  16. Embracing Steady Progress

  17. Beautiful Words About Home

  18. Decorating for the Holidays

  19. Our New Morning Ritual

  20. Meeting the Neighbors

  21. The Ants Go Marching On

  22. Garden Dreaming

  23. The Most Boring Post Yet. Thankfully.

  24. Home is a Feeling

  25. I Tackled the Garage. And Won.

  26. The Most Important Phase of Nest Building

  27. What is Your Home's Numerology?

  28. The Story of the Vanity

  29. One Thing to Do Right Now to Lighten the Energy in Your House

  30. Nest Building by the Numbers

  31. This post is number 31.


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