The Most Boring Post Yet. Thankfully. (31 Days of Nest Building: day 23)


Last Friday I wrote a week in review post. I thought I’d try it again. Here we go…

What’s New:

Not much. The house has really come together over the past few weeks and I found myself happy with it’s current status. I think the only new thing to come in was my very first Reiki News Magazine.

Oh, and we closed on the sale of our old home, so YAY!

Oh, and my revised electric bill came in. You may recall a meter reading error resulted in a $700 bill for my first full month’s service. The corrected total was $138. Phew!

So I guess there was news.

Ongoing Repairs:

Dare I say none? After weeks of HVAC and plumbing, this week was blissfully quiet. Actually, I guess there was one thing: the fallen tree was taken care of by the landscapers when they came for the last lawn mowing of the season.

Unexpected Surprises:

I really can’t think of any.

Wow. This is a supremely boring post. And you know what? I am so grateful for that--couldn't be happier. It may be a sign that things are settling.

Happy Friday!

31days-webThroughout October, I will be continuing this story  of getting acquainted with my home and making it my own as part of the 31 days challenge. Catch up on any posts you may have missed here: 31 Days of Nest Building.


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