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About that Card Reading Stuff

Last week my dad asked me a question that I've been dreading: "What's all this card reading stuff you talk about?"

To which I replied, "Oh! You've been on my website. Thank you!" Of course, that wasn't really an answer. The answer turned into a 2-hour phone conversation--probably the longest we've ever had. And it was great!

You see my dad is an engineer. He is one of the most logical people I know. He likes things to be concrete with solid scientific data. Cards don't really fall into that realm.

When I decided to speak up more about my card readings and add them to my website last year, I knew he would see it eventually and I knew it would require explanation. I had that "wait 'til Dad finds out..." dread. Because apparently I'm still 10.

What I told him is that cards to me are a wonderful conversation starter. Not in the "hey, Dad, let's talk cards" kind of way. Rather in the conversation with your inner self k…

The Planner You Want for 2016

I love planners. Love them. I like having a tangible, pen-to-paper, flip-through-able planner for collecting my thoughts, to do items, deadlines, birthdays, and reminders.

Sure, I use my Google calendar for scheduling. It’s easy to add appointments on the fly since I almost always have my phone with me and I would definitely be lost without the dinging sound to remind me that something is coming up.

But my everyday tasks and intentions go in my planner. It helps me tick through my day and make sure the big important stuff gets done.

In 2014 I used the Erin Condren planner—perky, colorful, spiral-bound, with tabs to divide the months, and both monthly and weekly page layouts. That was definitely a good choice.

This year (2015) I went for Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner—sleek, hard cover, with monthly and daily pages. But those daily pages? Those are special. Each day left space at the top for me to write my core desired feelings (ease and usability, comfort, kindness, sacred in the e…