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How I Volunteer and How You Can, Too

Last week was National Volunteer Week. (They have a week for everything, don’t they?) To all the volunteers out there, doing whatever it is you do, I thank you. Whether you are building things, serving things, filing things, listening, speaking, teaching, writing, cooking, sewing, healing, coaching, calling… whatever you do, thank you.

I’m not really sure when I got started with volunteer work. Perhaps it was when I was a big kid volunteering in the Sunday school room with the little kids. Then in middle school, I spent my summers volunteering as a teacher’s assistant in the preschool class of the daycare center I had grown up attending.

As a kid, I’m pretty sure I was doing these things because my parents made me. I guess that was a good move on their part, because as an adult, I still seek ways to contribute.

When I first moved to New Jersey, I spent some time with Habitat for Humanity in Trenton, helping in their office and writing stories for their newsletter.

For the past few years, …


A new chapter of my life is unfolding. It has been for quite a while now. It began with an uncoupling and a new home in a new town. With that came the desire for new friendships, and the question of where a woman in her late 30s finds other women to befriend.

The all-consuming question has been this: Who am I now? Now that I have no one to worry about but myself and my son. How do I spend my time? How do I keep us physically, emotionally, and financially secure? What does this life look like?

As I peel back layers and pare down possessions, I consider carefully what is me? What is me in this moment? What is part of the enduring me?

This is a time of exploration, and I the reluctant explorer.

I have lost some things: a live-in partner, a former book club, security, and predictability.

Then there is the new. I have become a Hospice volunteer. I have become a Reiki Master/Teacher. I have joined a local book club. I have started a new full-time job—my first in 6 years. I have been embraced by …