Act Loving to Feel Loving

Sometimes I read things that are so… tough and important and consciousness-raising. I don’t necessarily have anything to add. The author’s words are enough on their own.

This post from Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery is one of those posts: Life is Hard But They are Brave.

Please go read it. But, if you don’t have time right now, at least read this…
“My friend stopped by five hours after I started this love project and she said: lord. You are so loving to do this for them. And I said No, no, no. I don’t do these crazy things because I’m loving. I’m loving because I do these crazy things. Love is not a feeling. Love is the result of hours and days and years of using your hands and heart and mind to show up in a million different ways for other people. We don’t wait to act until we feel loving — we act so that we will feel loving. You don’t wait for love – you create it.”

…and this…
“The quote is from a mother who wrote four hearts and then the words: I ache. The hearts on this poster symbolize babies who were taken before they were named. And I looked at her four hearts and her: I ache and I thought: There is nothing I can do about your ache. You will ache forever. But there is something I can do about the I. I can make it a we. We will ache with you. Your sisters and brothers will ache with you.”

We are on this earth together. We are in this life together. Act loving and you will feel loving.


  1. What a great quote- loving IS about showing up and putting in the time. I think loving is an act of grace and not about how we're feeling in the moment. Moments come and go, but being consistent to one's values and to WHAT one values- that takes a bit of work.


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