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A Whole Year Without Frivolous Purchases

The Year without a Purchase: One Family's Quest to Stop Shopping and Start Connecting

by Scott Dannemiller

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

Scott Dannemiller and his wife decided to go a full year without purchasing anything other than necessities — that is, groceries, toilet paper, and the like. That means when the toaster oven started acting up, they didn’t replace it. When their kids had birthday parties to attend, gifts were science experiments that could be assembled with groceries. When Dannemiller needed tight underwear for after his vasectomy… well, I don’t want to give everything away. You’ll have to read the book to see how he solved that dilemma.

Did I mention that they made it through the entire year without telling their kids what they were doing?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Year Without a Purchase. Seeing how Dannemiller and his wife got through the year by repurposing items they already had, sharing with family, or going without spurred me to look at my own sp…

The Book You Will Want to Give to All Your Friends with Babies

Are you looking for a gift for a new mama? Something that is not another onesie, blanket, or squishy rattly toy? Try this: Around the World in 80 Purees. This is a brand new cookbook (out today!) for baby food. But not just your regular pureed carrots baby food; this is about going global.

I am so excited about this idea and wish it had been around when my son was little. This book will be fabulous. How do I know? Because I know the author, and she is fabulous! Leena Saini has had a smile on her face each time I've seen her. She loves her kids, and she loves to cook. So this book is the perfect thing for her to create.

Leena was gracious enough to take some time to interview here with me. Have fun getting to know her and learning more about her book.

Sherri: Have you always been interested in cooking? Is it something that comes naturally to you?
Leena: I’ve always had a love of food and cooking, particularly the way different cultures prepare the same ingredients, but with different s…