Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Saw Glennon! (But I'm still waiting for Love Warrior)

Glennon Doyle Melton on stage

I have followed Glennon Doyle Melton’s work for years, since long before her first book, when she simply blogged. At the time, her blog, Momastery, had a sweet illustration of a monkey in monk attire with a little pink heart on his robe. It was a comforting space where she told her truth and I — with different struggles, and different paths — felt less alone. Someone else out there got it. She understood how hard it is to be “a sensitive soul in a broken world.”

When she announced her first book, Carry On, Warrior, I pre-ordered it so I could have it the second it came out. My copy arrived with the first few pages already falling out. It was broken in that perfect way that felt like her words were tumbling out to meet me where I was. As I read it, I highlighted passages, I laughed, I cried, and I wrote notes to myself that I would find a few years later as I sat down to re-read it.

Later, when the paperback was released, Glennon’s team offered me an opportunity to give away a copy of the book by sharing my own messy, beautiful story. I had already recommended the book to so many people and gifted it to a few friends. It made my day that I was being give a copy to share.

Glennon is one of the few people whose work I follow religiously. (My others include Gretchen Rubin, Shauna Niequist, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and poet Lang Leav.) There is something about finding someone whose words strike so true, so honest, so “Here I am, struggles and all.”

At the beginning of the summer, I found out she was going to be within 2 hours of my home at a fundraising event for Penn Foundation, so I bought a ticket. The price of the ticket included a copy of her new book Love Warrior released earlier this month. I have been waiting for this book. Somewhat patiently. Meanwhile, Glennon’s tribe has exploded. I have listened to her on Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast and Rob Bell’s podcast, both of which I’ve played twice in the past week alone. I have watched her and Brené Brown teach about the power of story through Brené’s CourageWorks. I listened to Rebecca Schinsky rave about Love Warrior on the All the Books podcast, and learned the book was selected as Oprah’s book club pick for September. And I waited. Because it wasn’t time for me to receive my copy yet.

Last night, I got to see her. The event for which I purchased my ticket months ago finally arrived. After working a full day, I drove two hours to get there. It was everything I expected it to be. Her stories are familiar to me now from years of following along. Seeing her tell them in person was a gift.

And now I should have my very own copy of Love Warrior. But there was a mix-up, and the books didn't arrive at the event. Momastery will be shipping them out to attendees, so we still still receive the book. Just not yet. (I did, however, purchase a beautiful handmade ceramic bowl by Julia Castor Ceramics as part of the silent auction to benefit Camp Mariposa, a camp for children of families with addiction issues.)

Blue Handmade Ceramic Bowl

I am so ready to dive further into her story and to feel all the stuff. To compare and contrast her story with mine. Glennon is a grounding force for me, as she is to many other women. By telling her truths, she is helping me to understand mine. She is helping me to sit with pain to learn from it rather than numb it.

As I first typed the title of her new book in this post, I mistakenly wrote “Love, Warrior.” When I read it back, I realized my error and deleted the comma. But it feels appropriate. Glennon’s road has not been easy and sharing it is brave, like a love letter to the world signed “Love, Glennon.” “Love, Warrior.”

I can't wait to finally have this book in my hands. But wait I must. Somewhat patiently.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I purchased Carry On, Warrior and the ticket to see Glennon speak with my own money. Please see my book review and affiliate disclaimer.

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