Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Most Favorite Planner Ever

I talked about the Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte at the end of last year in a post called The Planner You Want for 2016, and I’m going to talk about it again. Why? Because I love it so much, and the 2017 collection is out!

I love planners. Love them. I need a way to stay organized and, despite all of the online options and apps, I love a physical pen-to-paper planner that I can flip through easily.

I also love journals. Loooove them. So when Danielle LaPorte first designed a planner with integrated journal prompts, I flipped. Okay, I didn’t flip. I’m not much of a gymnast. But I got really excited and ordered one.

Each daily page gave space to scheduling, to-do items, AND to gratitudes, things to let go, core desired feelings, and a “soul prompt.”

There pretty much isn’t anything that could be more in my wheelhouse than that.

I have used the Desire Map Planner for the past two years (2015 and 2016), and I have already ordered one for 2017. I love it that much.

Creator Danielle LaPorte has put so much thought into how people use this planner, and it evolves a little each year accordingly. She also cares a lot about quality. This year’s planner is super sturdy with a durable cover and strong, gold coil. The pages are made from good quality paper with finger cut-out tabs to divide each month and perforated corners to tear off as you go to easily find the current day. Based on the photos in the store, it looks like next year’s edition is similarly made.

It comes in two versions: daily and weekly. I like daily because I get a full page for each day, which gives me more space to jot things down. If you prefer to see a week at a time, choose the weekly version. Both have monthly calendars and goals pages at the beginning of each month.

Each version also comes in two designs. One is a simple and classy black cover with gold writing. The other is a limited edition art print cover. I chose the limited edition cover (both this year and for next year).

You can see them all in her store. That one shown in the image at the beginning of the post? That's the one I'm getting.

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something from the store using these links, I will get money. I will also thank you graciously because you will be contributing to my and my son’s well-being. That being said, as I mentioned above, I have used these planners for two years (and have read and re-read Danielle’s books and used her workbooks). These are products I stand behind completely. I hope you will enjoy them, too.

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